Wednesday, August 30


Wow, I thought tonight was a great show and from here on out it's a tough call!! I think Magni and Storm are probably in trouble soon; Toby & Ryan have really gained momentum (& for the first time in at least 3 weeks, Toby wasn't in the early bottom 3!). I'm not sure where Lukas & Dilana stand. Personally I've been done w/Dilana for a while, but she's right about her fan base. Still I'd at least like her to have to deal with being in the bottom 3 for once (especially if Ryan & Lukas aren't). I don't think Lukas is a frontrunner anymore but the guys loved him tonight and he's certainly entertaining, no matter what he does. Storm usually isn't one of my favorites but *loved* her performance tonight (though Toby helped! I wonder if Paul & Jim felt dissed by that? Hope not). I voted quite a bit for Toby & Lukas; apparently they're now my favorites. ;-) If I had to make the call I'd say Magni is gone, as I don't think they'll boot another girl yet.

Thursday, August 17

America's Favorite Dancer

And the winner is...

(as if there were any question) BENJI!!!!!