Wednesday, August 6

SYTYCD 4 - Top 4 (8/6/08)

Not really in a recapping mood but won't have much time the next few days, so here goes! I'm still mourning Mark's exit (uber-classy though it was!) and am also sad that the season is ending. Oh well, at least there's the tour!

Guest judge is Mandy Moore. Pre-solo video packages have Cat interviewing the dancers, & the judges comment after each solo as well.

Courtney & Twitch: Hip-Hop, T&N ("Church," T-Pain) - Courtney is the crazy girlfriend mad that her guy is out clubbing, so there's lots of fake Courtney-hitting-Twitch, though in practice some of it isn't so fake. Cute routine, lots of nifty details, with the downside of them not always being in sync. Judges loved as they do most of the show tonight.

Courtney Solo: Her favorite routine is the Sonya Jazz w/Mark; talked about her boyfriend & there was cute footage of her & Gev talking about how they don't flirt (while flirting); she said she knows she's not the best dancer on the show, but she doesn't really think the show is about that (insightful, this one!). Mandy encourages her to train more; Nigel is "delighted" she's in the F4 and didn't expect it (nor did Court). Mary said she's grown which made Courtney cry and then laugh at herself for crying. Aww.

Katee & Josh: Lyrical by Wade! Yay! (John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room") - My favorite routine of the night by far. The 'story' is that love is hard work, but worth it - the couple is working through a rough spot. As the camera focuses on Katee before the music starts she is standing still but almost shaking with emotion; sets the tone for a very emotional, powerful piece. I especially love the last move where they kind-of fall into hugging each other after the 'fight' of the routine. Judges loved it, though Nigel goes a bit overboard: he says Josh has "no training" (which is a flat-out lie and many viewers know it), and he says that between the two of them they're the best dancers the show has ever had. Not IMO, though Katee is up there and Josh is versatile, but I'd list a handful I consider better dancers overall. Well, one good thing about the season closing, we won't have to listen to Nigel plugging his "untrained" hip-hop guys as the best dancers evah.

Katee & Courtney: Tyce Broadway ("The Trolley Song," Rufus Wainwright version) - Cute, light, entertaining number and they were in unison. Used parasols & the frilly costumes were reminiscent of early Hollywood.

Twitch Solo: His fave routine was the Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc; he got his nickname from trying to dance in inappropriate places (so he'd just 'twitch' here & there when he couldn't full-out dance). Used another Wade song; was very emotional after he finished (as was Mary). Nigel said he's a great "entertainer."

Josh & Twitch: Russian Trepak ("The Nutcracker") - 2nd best routine of the night. This was a 'battle' between the guys, with lots of leaps for Josh (amazing height on multiple split leaps) & more floor/knee moves for Twitch. It was a very tough routine & they were both completely wiped out by the end. *Note* for those who haven't heard, both the guys were hospitalized for dehydration on Saturday after at least one of them collapsed during rehearsal! (And Sunday's rehearsals were canceled as well.) Seeing this routine, I understand why! They kept up the 'battle' even afterward and after Cat warned them to calm down, Josh said "We're both gonna pass out backstage, don't worry!" Hah. Whole audience gave them a standing ovation. Mary was thrilled 2 hip-hop dancers are in the finals (really? we couldn't tell all season that's what you & Nigel wanted!). Nigel called it "Russian street dancing."

Katee Solo: They replayed her audition 'drama' w/the roommate; her fave routine was No Air (mainly because she hadn't done the 'emote/tell a story w/a partner' thing before. Danced to Imogene Heap. The judges praised the variety of dances she's done over the season (um, yeah, contemp. & Broadway pretty much covers it plus a samba).

Katee & Twitch: Foxtrot, Tony & Melanie ("Feeling Good," Michael Buble) - Ok, now she's also done a foxtrot. ;-) And yay, she finally gets the guy at the end! It was decent, light & pretty and she did a beautiful cartwheel in her floor-length dress! Their last hold wobbled a bit though. Cat & Nigel said Twitch looked like James Bond in his suit & Nigel made him 'audition' saying the "Bond, James Bond" line. Moving on... Mary said his growth blew her away. Nigel mentioned the many "characters" Katee has played over the course of the season, and then proceeded straight off the deep end in saying that this season's dancers have "spoiled" the choreographers; specifically, that noone would be able to ever do a pressage (overhead lift) like Twitch did w/Katee and also set her down so smoothly & gently. Um... how about the actual Ballroom dancers we've had on the show? I don't know if any of them did this move specifically, but I do know that Pasha, Benji, Dmitri, and Artem all did amazing and smooth lifts. And yeah, Nigel wants us to think Twitch is better at their specialty than they were?

Josh Solo: Fave routine was the Samba w/Katee; Cat teased him for crying during the auditions which was cute! He was grateful to be in the finals and said "everything here is a blessing." He went out to the judges' platform for the majority of his solo (to Funkadelic). High praise from all, of course.

Courtney & Josh: Jive, Jason ("Dirty Boogie," Brian Setzer Orch.) - The jive is very energetic and fast-paced to begin with, and Jason threw in some tricks as well, prompting him to say it's probably "one of the most intense" he's ever choreographed! Wow, was he right! Josh can barely stand up by the end. It was decent; I think Gev did better w/the footwork but then he's lighter and didn't have quite as many other routines the same week, nor did he miss over a day of practice. Nigel said he was disappointed in the routine because they didn't have time to perfect it or to learn where to "breathe" in it, but he said tough routines (& critiques) make dancers grow. Still, he said they looked like "exhausted, superb dancers." Mary agreed that the routine was very tough, especially w/the lift/tricks at the very end.

Lastly the whole Top 4 get a Mia routine! She describes it as celebratory and high-energy. They're dressed all in tartan (the guys shirtless) and dance to "Hallelujah." It was ok, though I'm mainly sad that this is the last competitive number of the season. It seemed so short! Mary said Twitch stood out and Katee was "flawless." Nigel again called both guys "untrained" (grr) and said they were inspirational. He did say that some other contestants - then he specifically named Will and also Mark (!) - were admittedly better dancers, but these 2 brought "something different" to the competition and he said they both deserved to be there. He also alluded to the health struggles but said audiences pay to see shows and it doesn't matter how bad a week you've had, they want their money's worth... and no one would have been disappointed in this routine.

And that's that! I'm not voting; I think Josh or Katee will win and am fine w/either one. But I'm too frustrated w/Nigel's forcing them (& Twitch) on us by manipulating and downright lying to support his agenda. I think all 4 were happy to've made the finals and I don't think any of them feel entitled.

Tomorrow's show promises a lot of great things! Fave numbers from this season, past seasons' contestants, judges dancing (!), guest performers, etc. And the last time I'll get to see Mark on my teevee. (And Matt! and Gev! Yay!)