Thursday, March 31

Top 11 - Redux!

Elton John week - woo hoo!!

I've been pulling for Naima, but... if ever one performance is deserving of being voted off, that was it. Just no.

Otherwise an excellent night!! Good thought with slight weirdness were Jacob (Randy, he might have "gone up" & had a moment at the key change, but the background singers were so loud, who could tell?!), Haley, and Lauren (who seemingly got Naima's makeup by mistake). I thought Lauren, Scotty, and Thia (though better) were middle-of-the-road. LOVED Paul, Casey, and Pia (whom I dreaded when I heard what she chose, but she killed it!)!! And Jacob & James were good though not as good as usual (James was entertaining but it didn't do much for his vocals).

Besides Naima, I think Thia & Stefano will hit the bottom again. A lot of people think Paul will but I thought it was one of, if not his best, performance! And then there was Scotty with the forgettable #1 spot & a song that few know. We'll see!!

Wednesday, March 23

Top 11

No post for last week's Top 12, wasn't feeling well. Was pleasantly surprised Karen left instead of Haley though!

On to this week, which was awesomeness!!! Not a bad performance among them. My favorites, in order: Jacob, James, Pia, Haley (loved the vocals, hated the look), and Naima (sooo love her singing in her lower register!). Casey & Stefano were my least favorite (dude, if half your video piece is talking about keeping your eyes open during your performance, then you should keep your eyes open during your performance!!).

Seriously, I think Jacob hit about 2 octaves in one little phrase. Amazing range, control, had fun with it, took it to church, did pretty much everything right with that one. And almost the same for James - Naima take note, *that* is how you move AND sing AND stay on key! ;-) Dude is just a brilliant performer. (And Stefano take note from pretty much every other guy there - *that* is how you connect w/an audience!)

Predicted B3 - Stefano, Lauren (loved the straight hair!), and Thia, with Thia leaving. She was better and I still adore her, but the competition's just too tight!

Friday, March 11

Top 13

Well, I'm still bummed about Robbie not making the Finals, and then one of my favorite girls goes home this week. I'm not surprised, because the voters didn't put her there to begin with, and most people I've seen commenting online thought she was stuck-up and not that talented. I think she's at least as good as Naima vocally, though maybe not as versatile, and while confident on stage I thought her personality was nice, humble & appreciative.

I was pleasantly surprised by the dancing ability Naima and Jacob showed. I love my cheesy group numbers!! ;) I want to be more impressed by Casey & Paul but I'm just not. My favorite performance this week by far was James' "Maybe I'm Amazed," but then I love that song. Also really enjoyed Jacob, Thia, Pia, and Naima. I still love Haley but her song choice wasn't good (Lauren's already got the country spot, go for your own unique niche, not "diversity" that overlaps w/someone else's!). Karen and Lauren were my least favorites and I had predicted Karen & Ashthon for Bottom 3; Haley's song choice put her there. Oh well - still an incredibly talented group & several with some surprises up their sleeves.

Wednesday, March 2

Top 12 Girls

Well overall I think the ladies made wiser song choices than the guys. My favorite Thia ("Out Here On My Own") did not disappoint; I think she was the 2nd best of the night behind Pia ("I'll Stand by You"). Other standouts were Ashthon (I didn't know her song but yes, definitely a Diva in the making, in a good way) and Haley ("Falling"). I don't think we'd seen much of Kendra (before "Blackbird" w/Paul during HW Beatles round) and she was really good, but will suffer from lack of screen time. I expected a bit more from Rachel Zevita ("Criminal") but her quirkiness (& possible fans from previous audition seasons) may keep her around.

Meh and probably leaving: Ta-Tynisa ("Only Girl in the World"), Karen ("Hero"), Julie ("Breakaway" - do *not* do a Kelly Clarkson song on this show unless you can kill it!), & Lauren Turner (?). I forgot Lauren Alaina ("On the Radio") was country (since she kept repeating the Aerosmith song) so she'll get that niche. And Naima ("Summertime") disappointed but I have a feeling the judges might wildcard her if the voters don't put her through.

Can't wait for the results!! And group song?!? (Complete w/cheesy choreo and pointy pose, please!)

Tuesday, March 1

Idol Season 10 - Top 12 Guys

This will be BRIEF but this whole new rule change thing is too important not to mention. Normally we'd have 3 weeks of eliminating 4 per week until the finals; nope, this week is *it* for them to impress people & make up for lack of screentime to make the finals.

Several didn't make great choices; they didn't sing in their preferred genre, I don't know if they were trying to connect w/the audience & have 'fun' on the big stage or what, but that's never a great idea for the first voting week!! So, I'm prepared to say goodbye to Jordan Dorsey, Tim Halperin, & possibly even Brett Loewenstern. Brett did "Light My Fire" and was better than I expected w/something like that, but he was followed by James Durbin who knows how to sing rock. Brett has such a nice, unique voice & way of phrasing, he really should have done something slower & softer. He may have enough fans already to pull him through; not sure.

People who did what they do best shone. Above all, Jacob Lusk - Tamyra's performance of "A House is Not a Home" is one of my favorite Idol performances ever, and I didn't think anyone would ever be able to compare; Jacob did. Easily the best performance of the night. Casey Abrams ("I Put a Spell on You") was probably as good, though I don't care as much for his genre so it's hard for me to say. Also James Durbin, Robbie Rosen ("Angel", brilliant choice to cross genders w/a ballad), and Stefano Langone (Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" was ambitious, but he pulled it off!). And Scotty of course ("Letters from Home").

No one was terrible. "Good" but forgettable: Clint (did the overdone "Superstitious") and Jovany Barreto ("I'll Be").

Then there's Paul McDonald ("Maggie")... if Casey weren't here, he'd have the 'quirky' vote in a lock, but as it is... there's probably not room for both of them and Casey is mad talented.

At this point as long as Robbie & Jacob make the finals I'm happy. I think Stefano deserves it but we'll see. It'll also be interesting to see how internet voting affects things, if at all.

What do you think, assuming anyone is reading this? ;)