Wednesday, March 23

Top 11

No post for last week's Top 12, wasn't feeling well. Was pleasantly surprised Karen left instead of Haley though!

On to this week, which was awesomeness!!! Not a bad performance among them. My favorites, in order: Jacob, James, Pia, Haley (loved the vocals, hated the look), and Naima (sooo love her singing in her lower register!). Casey & Stefano were my least favorite (dude, if half your video piece is talking about keeping your eyes open during your performance, then you should keep your eyes open during your performance!!).

Seriously, I think Jacob hit about 2 octaves in one little phrase. Amazing range, control, had fun with it, took it to church, did pretty much everything right with that one. And almost the same for James - Naima take note, *that* is how you move AND sing AND stay on key! ;-) Dude is just a brilliant performer. (And Stefano take note from pretty much every other guy there - *that* is how you connect w/an audience!)

Predicted B3 - Stefano, Lauren (loved the straight hair!), and Thia, with Thia leaving. She was better and I still adore her, but the competition's just too tight!

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beffuh said...

I also really enjoyed this week, especially after last week. Also, this is the first week I liked Jacob and could actually hear him sing.

Casey is getting old; I'm beginning to question if he can sing (and in tune)--seems more growly and even though he has stage presence, I feel like he's getting away with "having a personality" but not able to hit his notes.

My favorite is Scotty. I do think he needs to stop making some of his faces, but I really like his voice--especially that low note at the end. :)

Who I think should be in the bottom 3: Thia, Stefano, & Casey. Who will be in the bottom 3: Thia, Haley, and Stefano? I think it's time for Thia to go.