Thursday, March 31

Top 11 - Redux!

Elton John week - woo hoo!!

I've been pulling for Naima, but... if ever one performance is deserving of being voted off, that was it. Just no.

Otherwise an excellent night!! Good thought with slight weirdness were Jacob (Randy, he might have "gone up" & had a moment at the key change, but the background singers were so loud, who could tell?!), Haley, and Lauren (who seemingly got Naima's makeup by mistake). I thought Lauren, Scotty, and Thia (though better) were middle-of-the-road. LOVED Paul, Casey, and Pia (whom I dreaded when I heard what she chose, but she killed it!)!! And Jacob & James were good though not as good as usual (James was entertaining but it didn't do much for his vocals).

Besides Naima, I think Thia & Stefano will hit the bottom again. A lot of people think Paul will but I thought it was one of, if not his best, performance! And then there was Scotty with the forgettable #1 spot & a song that few know. We'll see!!