Friday, January 30

AI8 - San Juan / New York Auditions (1/29/09)

Last audition show, yay! I don't really like how they skipped back & forth between San Juan & New York, but I suppose they were trying to hid the really dismal turnout in Puerto Rico. It's easy to tell which is which by contestant number though, and I'll separate them here.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jorge Nunez (20, PR, 63695) - This was one of the fun build-ups that makes you expect a bad singer but then surprises you! Jorge is very confident and energetic and thinks that he will "wow" people with his voice. He sings "My Way" in Spanish and then "What a Wonderful World" in English. He is a very good singer and an attractive kid (I think he has a 'pretty' face, in a masculine way). 4 yeses.

"Crazy Rocker" Joel Contreras didn't get through, but I thought his Marc Anthony-sounding voice was better than some who have. I know the shtick was OTT though.

Monique Torres (16, PR, 60178) - Cute little bro Christopher got her through. She sang "You Can't Hurry Love" and "I Turn to You," and she has a good voice but the judges thought she didn't seem young enough (too "cabaret", tm Simon). Paula & Simon were the (only) yeses.

Patricia Lewis Roman (20, PR, 63743) - Her parents were married in this building. Sang "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (and I wanna ban this song from Idol!!). Too belty but her voice is ok. She did a 2nd song in Spanish... Paula said no, Randy & Simon said yes, & we didn't see Kara's vote.

and Kendall Beard (23, TX) - Pretty blond in multicolor dress who was in the promos as having amazing talent. I thought she was just ok (dawg). (eta: Apparently she's country and we haven't seen much of that yet, so that may be what got her in.) 4 yeses.

A total of 9 advance from PR (we saw 4).

New York City

Melinda Camille (22, CT, 96837) - Melinda wants to "uplift humanity" and enjoys dancing naked (in her bedroom). She is a very, very happy person and is barefoot (a trend this year?). Sings "Feeling Good" (appropriate!) and is good enough. That and her interesting persona get her through. I like her!!

Jackie Tohn (27, CA, 102723) - Girl rocker; plays guitar, writes music, dad is musician as well. She sings "I'm Yours" (just ok) and "I'll Do It All" (better). Her husky voice is decent but her personality & singing style are strange. Paula calls her "unpredictable and surprising." She's also done quite a bit of acting (IMDB lists guest roles on The Closer, among others). 4 yeses.

Nick Mitchell, aka "Normal Gentle" (27, CT, 95437) - Waaay OTT, flaming, shiny-shirted guy with geeky glasses... we've seen the type, usually annoying and talentless. Sings a farcical "And I'm Telling You" and of course Simon hates him and says not to be a comedian. After feigning hurt feelings he responds to a comment from Simon with a joke about Simon "liking it when Seacrest does it," which makes Simon laugh. He then offers to sing "Amazing Grace" and pulls over a chair... he actually has a decent voice when he's serious during the first few lines but then flashes back into full diva mode (love the TWoPer's comparison to Paul Lynde!). Kara and Paula are greatly entertained, as is Randy, so he gets 3 yeses despite Simon's no, and to everyone's surprise (especially Ryan's as he emerges, ticket in hand) advances to Hollywood!

Ashley Hollister (21, NJ, 102719) - Just get a short clip of this blond in a black tank top. Not conventionally pretty so a bit more interesting than most of the cookie-cutter blonds, but we'll have to wait and see.

Kenny Hoffpauer (16, PZ, 91376) - Definitely want to see & hear more of Kenny!! I think he sang Jason Mraz and I loved his voice!

And that was all we saw of the 26 who got through, except for the usual blurry montage of people waving golden tickets. Someone caught a glimpse of Angela Martin (dead Dad girl from last year? she was really good & many expected her to be in the finals but she wasn't). There was also a married couple (kissing) who both had tickets.

Next week: Hollywood! Where the big question is, who will be the biggest (annoying, controlling &/or crybaby) Diva? Bikini Girl? Tatiana? or Adam or Norman? ;-) I love Hollywood Week!!!

Wednesday, January 28

AI8 - Salt Lake City Auditions (1/28/09)

Salt Lake was much better than Jacksonville! And what better way to start off a visit to Utah than with the Osmond clan? :-)

David Osmond (29, UT) - His father Alan is the oldest of the "performing" Osmonds. Both Alan and David have MS; David is in remission. He sings a Take 6 song called "Something Within Me" and is good, but his voice is very light, a bit reminiscent of Luke Menard (heh, another famous name!). Advances to Hollywood but I doubt he'll make it further than that.

Frankie Jordan (24, CA, 43788) - My favorite female so far!! She's a SAHM living in Hollywood who says she's "born to do this." She sings Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" and I LOOOOVE her voice! Tone, style, everything. 4 yeses!

Megan Corkrey (23, UT, 43768) - Megan is also a mom and we see 2-year old Rider. Megan is recently divorced and has a large arm tattoo. Sings "Can't Help Loving That Man" (ironic choice?) and the judges fall all over her. I thought she was ok but a bit annoying in her singing style, singing from the side of her mouth, etc. Simon said he likes her because she's different and memorable (I agree, just not in a good way). She gets tons of screen time so I'm guessing she makes at least Top 50. 4 yeses.

Austin Sisneros (17, UT, 42950) - Senior Class president, looks very young, is very sweet. Sings Train's "When I Look to the Sky" and the judges seem confused and say it was a bad song choice. Then sings "It Takes a Village" and his voice does sound stronger on this. 4 yeses but they don't think he seems young; I can see a bit of that when he's performing, yes, though I don't think it's a bad thing... we'll see!

Jarrett Burns (24, UT, 47737) - We don't get any intro, just see him singing "Put Your Records On." We know the judges like when you choose a song from the opposite gender (and do it well, which he did). Has potential.

Taylor Vaifanua (16, UT, 45111) - At 5'11" with long, dark wavy hair, Randy compares her to Jordin Sparks. Except she's Samoan while Jordan was half African-American. Anyway, she sings "Joyful, Joyful" and has a very nice voice & stage presence.

Rose Flack (17, ID, 50043) - The overly promoted sob story of the night, Rose lost her father at 13 and her mother at 15! She lives with her best friend's family and is very perky (when not speaking about her parents) and quirky, in (I think) a good way. Sings "I Feel the Earth Move" and is very good, with a unique tone (and look - she's barefoot, for one thing!). Simon loves her though didn't like the song choice. 4 yeses. If she's emotionally mature enough to handle Hollywood week she could easily be a finalist.

13 total advance to Hollywood and we saw 7! Tomorrow, San Juan and New York City. They also show previews of Hollywood with the return of Group Drama, yay!! I catch glimpses of Adam (twice), Von, Scott (twice), Danny, Michael Castro, Rose, Dennis, Lil, and I think Ryan Johnson, maybe Ashley, and Joanna. No Anoop though... hope that's not a bad sign, lol. I'm ready!!

Tuesday, January 27

AI8 - Jacksonville, FL Auditions (1/27/09)

I don't know about you, but I found Jacksonville rather disappointing (or at least what we saw of it). Here's who got through-

Joshua Ulloa (22, FL, 86819) - looks a bit like Justin Guarini, very energetic. Sings "Let's Get It On" & has a good voice but adds sound effects & such... not great. Gets 4 yeses anyway.

Sharon Wilbur (25, FL, 78093) - Sharon brought her Shih Tzu Sasha, whom Simon held while Sharon sang "Superstar." Not sure about the voice or vocal style. 3 or 4 yeses, they didn't really say.

Julissa Veloz (19, FL, 82858) - Julissa was Miss Florida Latino USA, and is wearing her sash and tiara. She sings Whitney's "I Have Nothing" and is decent! But has a very strange, annoying laugh.

And that's all we see of the 9 who advance on Day 1, except for the very short glimpses in a montage. On to Day 2...

Jasmine Murray (16, MS, 84122) - the youngest of 5 kids; sings Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" (probably my favorite song from last year!) and is very good. Simon calls her "cute, commercial, and a very good singer"; 4 yeses.

Anne Marie Boskovich (22, TN, 81948) - This audition is strange. She comes in, says she's a fan of Kara because she heard her sing once in Nashville, and does a bit of the song Kara did. Simon said she has a good voice but something is wrong, and asks her to leave and come back later "as a different person," with more confindenc / star appeal. So she changes her outfit a bit, adds some make-up, and returns to sing "Bubbly." She gets 4 yeses and is through.

T.K. Hash (23, NC, 82587) - they say he "didn't make it" last year when he auditioned, though I believe he did make it to Hollywood. He sings "Imagine" and has a nice voice; changes it up a bit but doesn't over-embellish. Randy disagrees & says it was over the top. Simon says no but he gets 3 yeses. I think he has good confidence & stage presence; he & Jasmine have the most potential but neither wowed me.

Ryan's voice-over says that's it and there were 16 total with tickets. The montage shows 9 new people, so he must have meant 16 for Day 2 and 25 altogether for Jacksonville. And we only got to hear 6 of them!! Unless you count the short "Walking on Sunshine" we get from a guy in a black t-shirt during the end medley. Still... not great. Perhaps tomorrow will be better - at least we'll get to see some Osmonds!

Wednesday, January 21

AI8 - Louisville Auditions (1/21/09)

11,000 people audition in Louisville, including at least one from my high school! Heh - early in the Day 2 footage they show 2 guys in line, saying "We're pumped up for American Idol!" One is wearing a Butler Univ. shirt & the other a green "Westfield Wrestling" shirt (our colors were green & gold)! Louisville's only about 2 hours away so this isn't terribly surprising, but 'back in the day' when I was a student, tiny Westfield High only had about 100 people per graduation class, so to see an alum on national tv is pretty exciting. :-)

First through is Joanna Pacitti (23, PA, 16071) - she writes songs & said she moved to LA at age 16. Kara actually recognizes her as having had a previous recording deal w/a certain label! She sang "We Belong" (I love this song) and is really good! She's very pretty as well and seems sweet & humble, not acting like she deserves it or like she's desperate (which we've seen in past seasons from some who've had former big chances/deals that fizzled). 4 yeses.

Brent Keith Smith (28, OH, 22813) - Sings Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough" and has a nice, rough voice - very good. Simon said it was the wrong type of song for him but he gets 4 yeses anyway. This guy could easily be Top 10.

Matt Giraud (23, MI, 13758) - is a "dueling piano player" who does a comedic style show and is self-taught (at least in piano). Sings "I Don't Wanna Be" and is very nervous but I think it was a good song choice for him. Simon said he reminds him of Elliot Yamin and that he "could be great" if he believes in himself more. 4 yeses.

On Day 1 a total of 10 contestants advanced (we saw 3 & then get a montage of the rest - I'm very curious to see what the redheaded guy in the plaid shirt sounds like!).

Day 2...

Alexis Grace (20, TN, 20075) - stay-at-home mom (daughter's name is Ryan), plays guitar, cute blond. Sings Aretha's "Dr. Feelgood" and belts the whole thing, but she is good. Simon says she has a commercial face; 4 yeses.

Just short clips of the next 4:

Kris Allen (male, 23, AR, 25439) - Wears a cap & plaid shirt, sings "Song for You" (which still reminds me of Elliot!). Nice voice.

Felicia Barton (26, VA, 16474) - cute brunette in a black top, sings "Put Your Records On," good!

Ryan Johnson (27, OH, 24805) - tall cute white guy, sings "Change is Gonna Come," great voice! Wish we'd gotten to hear more!!

Shera Lawrence (23, KY, 18710) - brunette in a pink & white top, sings "I've Got the World on a String."

And last is tonight's 'sob story,' Leneshe Young (18, OH, 20432) - grew up w/several siblings raised by single mom and at times homeless, in shelters, etc. Sings an original R&B/pop song called "Nattie" which is decent, and she has a good voice & great confidence/stage presence! She reminds me just a tad of Paris, but much more current style-wise. The judges all love her & she's through with 4 yeses. Ryan ends by saying the family is one of the "most polite" the show has ever had!

A total of 19 advance to Hollywood from Louisville (so 9 on Day 2, of whom we saw 6).

And I already knew this (majorly), but it was nice to see it admitted in the end credits: "Portions of this program not affecting the outcome have been edited." ;-)

Tuesday, January 20

AI8 - San Francisco Auditions (1/20/09)

In San Francisco a couple got engaged - and married! - while waiting in line to audition. Alrighty then... this should be interesting!

Tatiana Del Toro (23, Puerto Rico, #3325) - Sang "Never Loved a Man." Wow, not sure what to say... incredibly annoying laugh, big ego (she's a model as well as a singer), very dramatic. Decent voice. Gave them her portfolio & one of the judges commented that a photo was "naughty," and she replied "Thank you!"

Jesus Valenzula (29, CA, 5393) - father of 2 boys, with a good voice but the boys got him through, not the voice. He first sang an R&B song, Simon said no, then some of the judges wanted to see the boys. He brought them in and sang "Unchained Melody." 3 yeses.

Short clips: John Twiford (21, CA, 5811) - somewhat long wavy hair, sang "Overjoyed," is a music teacher. Very good voice!

Allison Iraheta (16, CA) - redhead, sang "Natural Woman" & sounds a bit like Pink.

Raquel Houghton (28, CA) - tall & thin with long, straight dark hair; sang "Son of a Preacher Man."

Adam Lambert (26, CA, 1877) - another spoiler and I lurve him already!! Check out this YT video of him singing "Dust in the Wind;" I think he has amazing range, control, beautiful tone... granted I love guys with voices like this. There's a clip of him talking about how he's sung since 10 & his folks put him in musical theater because he was hyper & he fell in love with it; he's been working in Wicked for the past year & a half; here's "As Long as You Love Me." Back to the audition: he sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Simon calls him theatrical... but still says yes! Paula calls him "brilliant" (even before he said hers was the 1st pop concert he attended) and he advances with 4 yeses. So far so good... he seems smart, so we'll see how he plays it. I don't expect him to do anything like this performance of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" on Idol, but it does show a side of him that won't be popular with Simon, among others. ;-)

Last is Kai Kalama (26, CA, 5913) - for the past year he's been singing at night and taking care of his mother during the day as she has some sort of "seizure disorder." Sings "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and is also very good. Simon said he has "the personality of a ship singer" (while he's singing, which was a kind clarification) but he gets 4 yeses.

12 advance to Hollywood from San Francisco, and we saw full clips of 4 with short clips of 3 more; not bad. Tomorrow, Louisville!

Wednesday, January 14

AI8 - Kansas City Auditions (1/14/09)

Over 11,000 showed up to audition in the city that found the reigning Idol! And we do find a bit of talent here...

Ashley Anderson (20, NJ, 68142) - Tall, thin girl w/long hair; her 'gimmick' is that she's singing a Leona Lewis song *cowritten* by Simon Cowell! Since when does Simon write music?!? And it's a religious one, even! (As Pacey/Peter says in the Fringe ad, Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger...!) So it's called "Footprints in the Sand," except she says and sings "Footsteps" instead and he corrects her so she starts over. He still loves it (of course) and she's through with 4 yeses. She's a belter & was ok I guess, but nothing special.

Cute ad for Idol starring David Cook, w/him in 'reverse' dreaming about winning & then shown on stage playing "Light On." Tag line is "Dreams Begin Again...."

Casey Carlson (20, MN, 70298) - perky brunette in a white skirt sings Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles" and is pretty blah. Somehow she gets 4 yeses and advances.

Von Smith (22, MO, 70090) - Von is one of the spoilers I've seen a bit of. He's going to be a polarizing contestant - great voice but waaaaay oversings and will be a love-him-or-hate-him (he already has fangirls) and might also have a bit of an attitude. He does "Over the Rainbow" and the softish parts are good, the rest painful. Of course he gets 4 yeses and is through to Hollywood.

Michael Castro (20, TX, 75108) - yes, this is Jason's brother! And Jason is there with him. Michael has a rock look - red streaked hair, piercings, black jeans w/pocket chain, etc. He's not any better at interviews (they shows clips from both of them) but says he's different from Jason in that Jason is "girly," which Jason later makes him explain as being emotional. Jason says, "so I have emotions, and know how to express them well... some people call that an artist." Hee. And apparently Michael is a new singer just like Jason was last year - he says he started singing 20 days before the audition! Figured "if J can sing, I can sing". And... he can! He does "I'm In Love With the Girl" and has a smooth, fairly strong voice. Kara is impressed with his attitude and he gets 4 yeses to advance!

Matt Breitzke (27, OK, 74922) - tall bald guy w/a mustache and goatee, married with a 3-year old son. He "played the bar scene" for years but got a day job as a welder to be responsible & support the family, so at 27 this is probably his last shot at a singing career. He sings "Ain't No Sunshine" and I love him!! Seems like a great guy, grounded, with a nice tone and style. For some reason Randy says no but 3 yeses are enough!

Jessica Furney (20, KS, 70698) - her hometown has the Oz Museum and she lives with her 93-year old grandmother. Shown playing guitar though she doesn't use it in her audition. She sings "Cry Baby" from Janis Joplin (I don't know this one) and unlike most Janis singers, her voice doesn't sound anything like Janis'! She's good though, nice but not cutesy, and gets 4 yeses.

India Morrison (22, MO, 77139) - the younger and smaller of 2 sisters who audition together, initially rapping something about cookies to Randy. Anyway I don't know the song she sang, but she's good (and also dances & choreographs) and advances.

Jamar Rogers (26, WI, 70808) - tall black guy, sings (shouts, mostly) "California Dreamin'" and strangely gets 4 yeses from the judges. No way I would have put him through. Next up is his bff who they've been pimping as tonight's sob story...

Danny Gokey (28, WI, 70891) - a music teacher whose wife Sophia died 4 weeks ago (from a congenital heart defect). Of course there are photos and clips from several different pre-audition interviews discussing his grief and how he almost didn't audition, but once he's in the room we get to focus on the singing. The song is "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and he has a nice, smoky/rough soulful voice - very nice! He wears glasses and reminds me a tad of Robert Downey, Jr. (whom I adore). The judges like him too; Randy and Paula say he's one of the best they've seen. 4 yeses, obviously! He's very excited (not emotional, yay) and I hope he's around for a while, though this style of singer rarely make the finals.

Anoop Desai (21, NC, 74002) - a Masters student in folklore, dresses a bit geeky and seems very intelligent. Sings "Thank You" and the voice is surprising! Smooth R&B, very, very nice! 4 yeses and he may have surpassed Matt as my favorite of the night. (*New info: there are several really good YT videos of his collegiate a cappella group Clef Hangers!)

Andrew Lang was the redhead who brought his own cheerleaders - he sang "My Girl" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and was deemed too theatrical. I thought he was decent, at least as good as some others they've put through (definitely better than Jamar), though I'm sure he would've gotten cut at some point in Hollywood.

Asa Barnes (28, MO, 77281) - tall black guy who's a middle school band director; another dad, and plays the drums. Sings "The Way You Make Me Feel" and for once MJ proves to be a good song choice! Has a nice voice and smile. 4 yeses.

Dennis Brigham (19, IL, 75035) - black guy w/sunglasses who dreamt that Simon like his audition. Sings "With You" (Chris Brown) and is just ok. Pleaded w/the judges to let him through and everyone but Simon gave in, though they shouldn't have.

Last is Lil Rounds (23, TN, 74315) - another spoiler & she's been in the ads. Married mom of 3 whose apartment building was hit by a tornado so they're struggling. Sings Stevie Wonder's "All I Do" (I don't know this) and is very, very good. Like Finalist-good. I can't tell what her personality is like yet, but she seemed to be more 'humbly overwhelmed' by the judges' praise than cocky or diva-like, which bodes well.

27 total advance to Hollywood from Kansas City, and we got to see 13 of them! And more good than bad auditions tonight, yay!

AI8 - Phoenix Auditions (1/13/09)

Aaaand we're back! Some interesting montages at the beginning - they even acknowledge Taylor's existence! Highlights of David Cook, yay. And our first clips of a few who advance to Hollywood... I recognize one of the spoilers and he's annoying me already, lol!


For the most part I'm only going to list the folks who get through. I won't include this in the recap, but I also take notes on the short clips they show of unnamed people getting through, so if anyone wonders if "that guy in the sweater vest who looked really familiar" got through, I might be able to answer you (yes! I'm guessing we saw him in a previous season but that's all I've got for now).

Emily Wynne-Hughes (21, CA, #30995) - her mom was a singer, we get family clips, & she's shown in the ads... gee, wonder if she's getting through? ;-) Our (first) requisite pink-haired rocker girl of the season; she's in an all-girl band who of course doesn't know she's here (until now) and whom she's planning to abandon should she advance, or at least until she gets to the Daughtry stage & can include them again, anyway. She sings "Barracuda" and is decent, even if it does sound much like the original. 4 yeses & she's through!

J.B. Ahfua (male, 16, UT, 34577) - I don't know the song he sang, R&Bish. 4 yeses.

Arianna Afsar (16, CA, 30252) - founded a program called "Adopt a Grand-friend" and is adorable. Sang "Put Your Records On." Like her - my favorite of Day 1.

(Day 1 - 10 advance, we saw 3 audition)

Stevie Wright (female, 16, CA, 36925) - bubbly girl w/a big smile. Sang "At Last" and is very good! Didn't oversing it, doesn't wear tons of make-up. 4 yeses, though Simon's a bit concerned she's too nice & not competitive enough.

Michael Sarver (27, TX, 36762) - works on an oil rig, married w/2 kids, big guy. Sang "Thank You" (Boyz-2-Men) and is decent.

Katrina Darrell, aka "Bikini Girl" (20, CA, 32160) - a model with a gimmick that works - Simon has said he knew he'd put her through as soon as she walked into the room! She sang alright - Mariah's "Vision of Love," without the "swing" as Kara called it, but was still good enough to please Randy. She also has a thing for Ryan & kissed him afterward. I doubt she'll last long in Hollywood but we'll see. I noticed that in part of her clip she had a different (higher) contestant number on...? Oh and I finally got to hear Simon pronounce my name, lol.

Brianna Quijada (22, AZ, 28331) - the other bubbly brunette in a black & white top. She starts out with the verse of "Let's Hear It for the Boy" and gets stopped right as she's going into full voice on the chorus... I wanted to hear a bit more. Simon was done at this point, the others not really sure, not impressed... Paula asked what other songs she had & let her sing some of "Killing Me Softly" which was much better. Simon then changed his mind & he and Paula put her through.

Deanna Brown (25, KY/LA, 28393) - blond who didn't have any family with her so grabbed someone else's as forced to by the producers for the 'cute family-oriented clip.' Sang "Dock of the Bay" and got 4 yeses; Paula said she had "quiet confidence". Not sure what I think yet.

Cody Sheldon (17, MI, 10257) - looks like Danny Noriega 2.0 from the face but not the personality. Cute kid, longish hair, makes horror films. Sang "Wonderful World" (I don't know it; he said it's by James Morrison, whoever that is, sorry) and is good - different. I like him.

Alex Wagner-Trugman (19, CA, 26379) - our first geek-with-nice-voice-in-need-of-makeover-and-awaiting-Clay-comparisons (down to wearing a striped shirt) of the season. Taught himself to sing in his bedroom closet which they later discovered had mold which made him sick; thus Simon reading from the info sheet that he "came out of the closet" and ensuing defense/explanation from Paula. Sang "Baby Come to Me," asking Randy to sing along at the chorus. Very nice voice, though rather affected in his singing style. Great snarky, dry sense of humor though - Simon said he didn't like it and Alex quipped quickly, "I could do 'God Save the Queen'". ;-) Also apparently Simon had this thing about asking contestants in what 3 countries they expected to become popular (the montage showing such brilliant answers as "New Jersey" and "Paris"); Alex replied somewhat quickly Zimbabwe & some obscure country. Anyway, Simon said no but the other 3 yes and he's through. A lot could hinge on the makeover and whether he can ditch the affectation - he could garner some young fans early and that makes a big difference.

Last up is Scott Macintyre (23, AZ, 38136) who is blind. He's a singer-songwriter who plays piano & Kara says it's especially brave of him to be auditioning without the "comfort" it provides. He says he also skis and ballroom dances! Not to mention started college at 14 and graduated at 19. Wow. So he sings "And So It Goes" and is very good. Also in need of somewhat of a makeover, or at least a shave, haircut, & nicer t-shirt. But I like his vocal tone and he is a very good singer. 4 yeses, and none from sympathy. Will be interesting to see how he fares in Hollywood. (New info- apparently his whole family - including the cute brother who brought him in - sings! See MacIntyre Family Singers on YouTube!)

And Phoenix is done! 27 total advance (of the 17 on Day 2 we saw 8). My Top 50 spoiler list has 3 from Phoenix but we didn't see any of them sing, yet.

Tomorrow Kansas City! Welcome back, American Idol!!

Thursday, January 8

Season 8 Countdown!!

OK, so looks like I never finished the SYTYCD finale post- Joshua won. ;-) I drove to Cincy for the tour since there was no Indy stop and it was awesome!!! So, moving on...

MJ's (see Links at left) has the usual spoilers - a (partial rumored) list of who gets to Hollywood & who's in the Top 50.

More soon!!!