Wednesday, January 28

AI8 - Salt Lake City Auditions (1/28/09)

Salt Lake was much better than Jacksonville! And what better way to start off a visit to Utah than with the Osmond clan? :-)

David Osmond (29, UT) - His father Alan is the oldest of the "performing" Osmonds. Both Alan and David have MS; David is in remission. He sings a Take 6 song called "Something Within Me" and is good, but his voice is very light, a bit reminiscent of Luke Menard (heh, another famous name!). Advances to Hollywood but I doubt he'll make it further than that.

Frankie Jordan (24, CA, 43788) - My favorite female so far!! She's a SAHM living in Hollywood who says she's "born to do this." She sings Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" and I LOOOOVE her voice! Tone, style, everything. 4 yeses!

Megan Corkrey (23, UT, 43768) - Megan is also a mom and we see 2-year old Rider. Megan is recently divorced and has a large arm tattoo. Sings "Can't Help Loving That Man" (ironic choice?) and the judges fall all over her. I thought she was ok but a bit annoying in her singing style, singing from the side of her mouth, etc. Simon said he likes her because she's different and memorable (I agree, just not in a good way). She gets tons of screen time so I'm guessing she makes at least Top 50. 4 yeses.

Austin Sisneros (17, UT, 42950) - Senior Class president, looks very young, is very sweet. Sings Train's "When I Look to the Sky" and the judges seem confused and say it was a bad song choice. Then sings "It Takes a Village" and his voice does sound stronger on this. 4 yeses but they don't think he seems young; I can see a bit of that when he's performing, yes, though I don't think it's a bad thing... we'll see!

Jarrett Burns (24, UT, 47737) - We don't get any intro, just see him singing "Put Your Records On." We know the judges like when you choose a song from the opposite gender (and do it well, which he did). Has potential.

Taylor Vaifanua (16, UT, 45111) - At 5'11" with long, dark wavy hair, Randy compares her to Jordin Sparks. Except she's Samoan while Jordan was half African-American. Anyway, she sings "Joyful, Joyful" and has a very nice voice & stage presence.

Rose Flack (17, ID, 50043) - The overly promoted sob story of the night, Rose lost her father at 13 and her mother at 15! She lives with her best friend's family and is very perky (when not speaking about her parents) and quirky, in (I think) a good way. Sings "I Feel the Earth Move" and is very good, with a unique tone (and look - she's barefoot, for one thing!). Simon loves her though didn't like the song choice. 4 yeses. If she's emotionally mature enough to handle Hollywood week she could easily be a finalist.

13 total advance to Hollywood and we saw 7! Tomorrow, San Juan and New York City. They also show previews of Hollywood with the return of Group Drama, yay!! I catch glimpses of Adam (twice), Von, Scott (twice), Danny, Michael Castro, Rose, Dennis, Lil, and I think Ryan Johnson, maybe Ashley, and Joanna. No Anoop though... hope that's not a bad sign, lol. I'm ready!!

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