Wednesday, January 21

AI8 - Louisville Auditions (1/21/09)

11,000 people audition in Louisville, including at least one from my high school! Heh - early in the Day 2 footage they show 2 guys in line, saying "We're pumped up for American Idol!" One is wearing a Butler Univ. shirt & the other a green "Westfield Wrestling" shirt (our colors were green & gold)! Louisville's only about 2 hours away so this isn't terribly surprising, but 'back in the day' when I was a student, tiny Westfield High only had about 100 people per graduation class, so to see an alum on national tv is pretty exciting. :-)

First through is Joanna Pacitti (23, PA, 16071) - she writes songs & said she moved to LA at age 16. Kara actually recognizes her as having had a previous recording deal w/a certain label! She sang "We Belong" (I love this song) and is really good! She's very pretty as well and seems sweet & humble, not acting like she deserves it or like she's desperate (which we've seen in past seasons from some who've had former big chances/deals that fizzled). 4 yeses.

Brent Keith Smith (28, OH, 22813) - Sings Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough" and has a nice, rough voice - very good. Simon said it was the wrong type of song for him but he gets 4 yeses anyway. This guy could easily be Top 10.

Matt Giraud (23, MI, 13758) - is a "dueling piano player" who does a comedic style show and is self-taught (at least in piano). Sings "I Don't Wanna Be" and is very nervous but I think it was a good song choice for him. Simon said he reminds him of Elliot Yamin and that he "could be great" if he believes in himself more. 4 yeses.

On Day 1 a total of 10 contestants advanced (we saw 3 & then get a montage of the rest - I'm very curious to see what the redheaded guy in the plaid shirt sounds like!).

Day 2...

Alexis Grace (20, TN, 20075) - stay-at-home mom (daughter's name is Ryan), plays guitar, cute blond. Sings Aretha's "Dr. Feelgood" and belts the whole thing, but she is good. Simon says she has a commercial face; 4 yeses.

Just short clips of the next 4:

Kris Allen (male, 23, AR, 25439) - Wears a cap & plaid shirt, sings "Song for You" (which still reminds me of Elliot!). Nice voice.

Felicia Barton (26, VA, 16474) - cute brunette in a black top, sings "Put Your Records On," good!

Ryan Johnson (27, OH, 24805) - tall cute white guy, sings "Change is Gonna Come," great voice! Wish we'd gotten to hear more!!

Shera Lawrence (23, KY, 18710) - brunette in a pink & white top, sings "I've Got the World on a String."

And last is tonight's 'sob story,' Leneshe Young (18, OH, 20432) - grew up w/several siblings raised by single mom and at times homeless, in shelters, etc. Sings an original R&B/pop song called "Nattie" which is decent, and she has a good voice & great confidence/stage presence! She reminds me just a tad of Paris, but much more current style-wise. The judges all love her & she's through with 4 yeses. Ryan ends by saying the family is one of the "most polite" the show has ever had!

A total of 19 advance to Hollywood from Louisville (so 9 on Day 2, of whom we saw 6).

And I already knew this (majorly), but it was nice to see it admitted in the end credits: "Portions of this program not affecting the outcome have been edited." ;-)

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Joanna Pacitti could get through at least a few rounds of American Idol on looks alone