Saturday, February 19

Giant Microbes!

A toy? A sickness? A sick toy? Posted by Hello

Yes, that's right, Giant Microbes. I think I first saw them in a magazine article, and then that meducational tv that runs in doctors' offices had a bit on them. I don't know; I understand the desire for a teaching tool to represent something to small to actually see. But if you want to teach your kids these things are bad, is putting arms on them and playing with them the way to do that?

And then there's the even more pressing question: Why has my microbiologist friend Kim not written about these yet?!?

Monday, February 14

I'm Addicted

Eep! I knew it had been a while, but didn't realize it's been *this* long since I've posted! I promise to make this more interesting, soon. You know, for the three dustmites who are the only ones reading. Ah, The Dustmite Song... but I digress. And apparently 3:30 in the morning is a good time for me to post, because I'm actually thinking of stuff to say.

I craft. I used to cross-stitch, and could spend hours poring over pretty patterns, most of which I knew I'd never have time to actually make. Well, now I scrapbook and make cards. And guess what? I spend hours poring over layout & design ideas, as well as the pretty, pretty new products, most of which I know I'll never have time to actually make or use. I was going to list some of my favorite companies, but (a) I don't want to take the time to link to them all, and (b) seeing as how I actually work for one, I shouldn't really be promoting the others! heh. Suffice (now there's a word that's seen better days) it to say that there's some really fun stuff out! I love collage, distressing, mini brads, printed twill, fibers!, letter stickers, and anything that coordinates with other stuff. And there's the whole digital arena... so I download all the free elements I can find, in hopes that someday I may use one of them. Except whoo-hoo, I actually did use one of them today! In making my husband a fun little bookmark with his name & little pictures of things representing his interests, as I made for my coworkers for Christmas. I suppose I should do one for myself, but I have way too many interests. And no American Idol clipart. ;) Segue!

I'm also addicted to American Idol. Again. Except there's actually a decent amount of talent, and quite a few people not painful to look at, and even some in both categories simultaneously! So at least I'm addicted to something of some worth, as opposed to just 'interesting people a few of which might have an iota of talent.'

On that 'note,' I really, really should go to bed. I do actually have a lot of things to post about, so hopefully instead of just spending hours thinking about topics, I'll take the time to actually write them. Soon. I promise.