Saturday, February 19

Giant Microbes!

A toy? A sickness? A sick toy? Posted by Hello

Yes, that's right, Giant Microbes. I think I first saw them in a magazine article, and then that meducational tv that runs in doctors' offices had a bit on them. I don't know; I understand the desire for a teaching tool to represent something to small to actually see. But if you want to teach your kids these things are bad, is putting arms on them and playing with them the way to do that?

And then there's the even more pressing question: Why has my microbiologist friend Kim not written about these yet?!?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kat, brmaer here. I didn't even know you had a blog! Why was I not informed?? One more place to bookmark so I can read more rambling...yay!

Kat said...

Welcome! Sorry, I know there's not much here yet so I haven't really been promoting it, yet. I am honored to be bookmarked and now there is pressure! Must. post. more!