Monday, February 14

I'm Addicted

Eep! I knew it had been a while, but didn't realize it's been *this* long since I've posted! I promise to make this more interesting, soon. You know, for the three dustmites who are the only ones reading. Ah, The Dustmite Song... but I digress. And apparently 3:30 in the morning is a good time for me to post, because I'm actually thinking of stuff to say.

I craft. I used to cross-stitch, and could spend hours poring over pretty patterns, most of which I knew I'd never have time to actually make. Well, now I scrapbook and make cards. And guess what? I spend hours poring over layout & design ideas, as well as the pretty, pretty new products, most of which I know I'll never have time to actually make or use. I was going to list some of my favorite companies, but (a) I don't want to take the time to link to them all, and (b) seeing as how I actually work for one, I shouldn't really be promoting the others! heh. Suffice (now there's a word that's seen better days) it to say that there's some really fun stuff out! I love collage, distressing, mini brads, printed twill, fibers!, letter stickers, and anything that coordinates with other stuff. And there's the whole digital arena... so I download all the free elements I can find, in hopes that someday I may use one of them. Except whoo-hoo, I actually did use one of them today! In making my husband a fun little bookmark with his name & little pictures of things representing his interests, as I made for my coworkers for Christmas. I suppose I should do one for myself, but I have way too many interests. And no American Idol clipart. ;) Segue!

I'm also addicted to American Idol. Again. Except there's actually a decent amount of talent, and quite a few people not painful to look at, and even some in both categories simultaneously! So at least I'm addicted to something of some worth, as opposed to just 'interesting people a few of which might have an iota of talent.'

On that 'note,' I really, really should go to bed. I do actually have a lot of things to post about, so hopefully instead of just spending hours thinking about topics, I'll take the time to actually write them. Soon. I promise.

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