Thursday, December 9

Win Ben Stein's... Attitude?

One of my new favorite sayings is that there are 2 essential things to know in life: (1) There is a God. (2) I'm not Him.

Ben Stein agrees: "when we turn over our lives to Him, he takes far better care of us than we could ever do for ourselves."

I didn't know much about Ben before, other than knowing a tiny bit about his political background, that he had enough money to give some away on a game show, and that he was a funny, non-patronizing judge on Star Search. Not someone from whom I'd expect to hear the above. Apparently he'd been writing this celebrity 'gossip' column for about 8 years, and this was the last column he wrote, approximately one year ago. He talks about perspective, priorities, and power. I think we should listen.

Here's the column: Monday Night at Morton's - 12/20/03

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