Friday, March 11

Top 13

Well, I'm still bummed about Robbie not making the Finals, and then one of my favorite girls goes home this week. I'm not surprised, because the voters didn't put her there to begin with, and most people I've seen commenting online thought she was stuck-up and not that talented. I think she's at least as good as Naima vocally, though maybe not as versatile, and while confident on stage I thought her personality was nice, humble & appreciative.

I was pleasantly surprised by the dancing ability Naima and Jacob showed. I love my cheesy group numbers!! ;) I want to be more impressed by Casey & Paul but I'm just not. My favorite performance this week by far was James' "Maybe I'm Amazed," but then I love that song. Also really enjoyed Jacob, Thia, Pia, and Naima. I still love Haley but her song choice wasn't good (Lauren's already got the country spot, go for your own unique niche, not "diversity" that overlaps w/someone else's!). Karen and Lauren were my least favorites and I had predicted Karen & Ashthon for Bottom 3; Haley's song choice put her there. Oh well - still an incredibly talented group & several with some surprises up their sleeves.

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