Tuesday, March 1

Idol Season 10 - Top 12 Guys

This will be BRIEF but this whole new rule change thing is too important not to mention. Normally we'd have 3 weeks of eliminating 4 per week until the finals; nope, this week is *it* for them to impress people & make up for lack of screentime to make the finals.

Several didn't make great choices; they didn't sing in their preferred genre, I don't know if they were trying to connect w/the audience & have 'fun' on the big stage or what, but that's never a great idea for the first voting week!! So, I'm prepared to say goodbye to Jordan Dorsey, Tim Halperin, & possibly even Brett Loewenstern. Brett did "Light My Fire" and was better than I expected w/something like that, but he was followed by James Durbin who knows how to sing rock. Brett has such a nice, unique voice & way of phrasing, he really should have done something slower & softer. He may have enough fans already to pull him through; not sure.

People who did what they do best shone. Above all, Jacob Lusk - Tamyra's performance of "A House is Not a Home" is one of my favorite Idol performances ever, and I didn't think anyone would ever be able to compare; Jacob did. Easily the best performance of the night. Casey Abrams ("I Put a Spell on You") was probably as good, though I don't care as much for his genre so it's hard for me to say. Also James Durbin, Robbie Rosen ("Angel", brilliant choice to cross genders w/a ballad), and Stefano Langone (Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" was ambitious, but he pulled it off!). And Scotty of course ("Letters from Home").

No one was terrible. "Good" but forgettable: Clint (did the overdone "Superstitious") and Jovany Barreto ("I'll Be").

Then there's Paul McDonald ("Maggie")... if Casey weren't here, he'd have the 'quirky' vote in a lock, but as it is... there's probably not room for both of them and Casey is mad talented.

At this point as long as Robbie & Jacob make the finals I'm happy. I think Stefano deserves it but we'll see. It'll also be interesting to see how internet voting affects things, if at all.

What do you think, assuming anyone is reading this? ;)

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Christie said...

I'm reading it!!! I'm OK w/the results. I would've liked Brett to be in the top 13. Unlike you, I'm OK w/Robby not making it - sorry! I'm really glad that Naima made it - I don't know if it's her story, her voice, her, but I'm thrilled for her!!!