Wednesday, March 2

Top 12 Girls

Well overall I think the ladies made wiser song choices than the guys. My favorite Thia ("Out Here On My Own") did not disappoint; I think she was the 2nd best of the night behind Pia ("I'll Stand by You"). Other standouts were Ashthon (I didn't know her song but yes, definitely a Diva in the making, in a good way) and Haley ("Falling"). I don't think we'd seen much of Kendra (before "Blackbird" w/Paul during HW Beatles round) and she was really good, but will suffer from lack of screen time. I expected a bit more from Rachel Zevita ("Criminal") but her quirkiness (& possible fans from previous audition seasons) may keep her around.

Meh and probably leaving: Ta-Tynisa ("Only Girl in the World"), Karen ("Hero"), Julie ("Breakaway" - do *not* do a Kelly Clarkson song on this show unless you can kill it!), & Lauren Turner (?). I forgot Lauren Alaina ("On the Radio") was country (since she kept repeating the Aerosmith song) so she'll get that niche. And Naima ("Summertime") disappointed but I have a feeling the judges might wildcard her if the voters don't put her through.

Can't wait for the results!! And group song?!? (Complete w/cheesy choreo and pointy pose, please!)

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