Monday, November 8

Gotta start somewhere!

Whee! My very own blog. Now what?

I'll start with a couple of my favorite links.

Current events: is my friend Kim's blog; she's the one "responsible" for my starting a blog! I can only aspire to be as entertaining and informative as she. ;-) She has well thought-out and well-written opinions on politics that I, for the most part, share. So to save me time just read what she's written.

Entertainment: has recaps and discussion boards for all those guilty-pleasure type shows when you just can't find anyone at your water cooler and are dying to discuss. The community is, in general, intelligent, mature, and humorous. Just remember the "withoutpity" and don't go if you're easily offended.

And I'm tired so that's all we get today.


brmaer said...

Poor Kat. I'm using your blog to learn how to do this. And your first post was way more interesting than mine.

Kat said...

Hee! No problem; glad to have a reader, experiment all you want! ;)