Thursday, April 7

Introductions / Guest Book

I wanted to create a guest book of sorts, just to have a place for a new visitor to say hi or post a general comment that's not related to a specific post, or ask me a question. So here you go! Welcome, look around, leave a Comment, & hopefully I'll get my act together and start posting more frequently so there's something about which to comment, besides my favorite movies. ;-) If you're not a Blogger but have a website you don't mind sharing let me know that too & I'll come visit yours.

Thanks and have a great day!


brmaer said...

Hey, Kat! Your wish is my command. You want folks in your guest book? Here I am!

Is this like a 12 step program? Hi, my name is brmaer...I have empty blogs all over the place and nothing to say.

And sadly, no blinkies to say it with. ;)

Jo Francis said...

Hello Kat, my name is Corrie and I am writing in your guestbook. Now update your blog s'il vous plaƮt!


Kat said...

Thanks guys! I'll work on it... got a lot to catch up on this week after being on vacation but I'll get there!!

Thatchermom said...

Hey Kat!

I like your blog! It has real stuff in it, unlike mine which has some brainspew and lots of empty dots.

BIG FISH!! Woo Hoo!!!