Friday, July 1

Who sings that?

Well this is a silly reason to post, but at least it's a post! I've heard this song on our Top 40 station (to which I guess I'm admitting I listen occasionally): a remake of "Listen to your Heart," by a female singer that's really good. Who is it? And yeah, that's basically the post.

Unless I decide to ramble about remakes, or singers, or remade singers. Or singers trying to come back, which brings me to "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Ok if anybody else actually watches it... who out of tonight's lineup did they think was worthy of making it a spectacular "season finale" (of what, 4 shows?)?! I thought tonight's was one of the weakest weeks. And I missed last week's which was supposedly pretty good. I like the concept of the show, but it'd be a whole lot better if most of the people actually still sounded decent. As it is, it's kind-of like... well I can't think of a good analogy, but it's been disappointing. As it's progressed there've been more artists I've never heard of, and of the ones I do know, I keep hoping they'll be worth listening to but more often than not, they're not. Oh well. I guess we get a break for a while.

I am, however, very pleased with "Dancing with the Stars," though it has nothing to do with singers. I suppose it has something to do with remade songs though, because they do things like taking an 80's pop hit & trying to pass it off as a Latino dance number. Just. no. Anyway I'm just thrilled that Kelly & Alec, the duo of hotness, made it to the finale! She was just so crushed by the judges' comments at the beginning, & has obviously worked very hard (and probably has the least 'free' time of all the contestants). I think John should & will win, & maybe that'll help him get some other tv gig through which he can entertain me. I'm one of the 3 people on earth who never watched Seinfeld so had never heard of him, but now adore him.

Back to songs... my dad said that one of the reasons he'll never (pick one:) like/watch/understand shows like American Idol is that a song always sounds best by the original artist, at least (or especially) if that artist wrote it. And that he likes artists because of their sound & individual style, not their mimicking of someone else's. Well, I disagree with the first statement, because there are several songs that I really liked before, but now like even better by Idol contestants. And if they're good, you can tell what a contestant's own style is like through cover songs, at least to a point.

At which point I've run out of things to say. Not bad though, for something that started out as one silly question. Which I really do hope someone can answer. ;)


Thatchermom said...

Hey Kat -

Is the song a fast paced dance version of Listen to Your Heart (the Roxette song)? If so, it's by someone called D.H.T. I know nothing else about them/her/it.

I agree with you rather than your dad. I think if a song is good, it can be sung by a lot of different people in different styles and still sound good. Just because a person didn't write it doesn't mean they don't undrestand it or appreciate it, or that they can't interpret it in a whole new way.

Kat said...

Thanks! Actually I checked the station's website today & it did say RHT - as you say, whoever that is! - though the song I've heard isn't particularly fast or dancy. I also found out the title of another newish song I like, which is, ironically, "Untitled" by Simple Plan.

But thanks, because I really didn't want to just post an answer to myself. ;)