Friday, August 12

AI4 Concert Recap - Part 2

Strange videos and a walking Pop-Tart were "provided" as we waited for the concert to begin (which was around 7:10). As far as the facility goes there were several things I liked: you can get to the floor seats from any entrance (in Indy you can’t); they not only allowed signs, they actually provided supplies in one area (no, I still didn’t make one), and the bag ‘search’ was just a glance. Then we were told only disposable cameras were allowed (they didn’t confiscate others just said to put them away), but they were lax on enforcing it & I even saw a security guy walk right past someone obviously taking video toward the end & he didn’t say a thing to her. Oh, also you could go up the aisle to take closer photos as long as you returned to your seat immediately thereafter.

We were in the center section on the floor, rows 19 (Gayl) and 20 (Gerry & I). Pretty good view, and we were on the right aisle so had an unobstructed view of that end of the stage. I saw a lot of Greek flags and all kinds of shirts for Connie, some for Bo & a few others. I did see signs for Scott & Carrie. Some for Anthony. But Con had the most. Also, at least in our section, there were a lot more adults and fewer kids & teens than I expected & than I’ve seen at previous Idol tours. Not sure why… the older performers attracted older fans? Or younger kids don’t do downtown Chicago on weeknights?? (I’ve never been to that arena before so I have no clue.)

First was Jessica who started w/her back (or should I say, her ‘bum’) toward the audience. She sang The Boys Are Back in Town, and sang it well. She was dressed conservatively (black pants, a tank or tee & jacket) & looks like she’s lost weight. They had the regular jumbo-trons at the sides and the big screen behind the stage had some special ‘rock star effect’ filter through which it showed the performer some of the time, & at others it showed their name, photos, or other things to go w/the particular song. She then did Shop Around which was also very good.

Anwar was next & was very, very good (I enjoyed him on the show too)! Started with House is Not a Home, mostly seated on a stool. Then What a Wonderful World. Very good. (And I’ll say that for almost everyone!)

Then CONSTANTINEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem. EEEeeee!!! Ok, I think I’m done. ;-) Red jacket, black shirt & pants. My friends have said how skinny he looks but honestly with the black & black you couldn’t tell, & he still has the double chin. Not that it matters… hair was great, vocals were *amazing*, and all the performances were very, very good. Mind you that while I’m a huge fan of his, I’ll be the first to admit that his vocals were often less than pleasant on certain songs during the television show. Not true live. Strong & pure, lots of glory notes. Tons of audience interaction & a few times he gave the camera ‘the look’ for the Jumbotrons! Mentioned things like "slowing it down for the ladies" & took the jacket off to, of course, wild screams. Hard to Handle, My Funny Valentine, & Bohemian Rhapsody. All were wonderful. When he intro’d BR he said something about how we should listen to the lyrics because they describe what this past year has been like for him ("fantasy", etc.). Despite the release of this song on the Killer Queen album today, he didn’t mention it (I read he had in earlier shows, though I’m kind-of surprised since it’s not a 19E project; maybe they nixed his comments?).

Nikko came out next, & I felt a little sorry for his having to follow Connie, but he was really good too (started with Incomplete). Chatted quite a bit, asked people to dance w/him on Part-Time Lover, & then did a Justin Timberlake song with lots of well-executed choreography (Like I Love You??). Threw his Cardinals cap into the audience at one point; I was hoping he’d take the jacket off for his dancing but alas, he did not. (He would get more screams of his own if he did!)

Scott sang Against All Odds; not horrible, but not great & his voice cracked on the high notes. He had some chatter about how he wasn’t going to dance like Nikko, and how all his songs were low-key so that people could mellow out & sit for a bit, kind-of like a commercial. Then he said it was ok because people still get paid to do commercials. After that he started singing Total Eclipse of the Heart and Jessica came out for their duet, which, as everyone says, is fabulous! That song is beyond perfect for her, and she sang it beautifully. Scott then did one more song, She’s Gone, with a lot of background vocals on the track (smart move).

Nadia came out rocking on her guitar and sang The Power. And she still has the power; she is *soooooooo* good! I loved her on the show and thought she left way too early, and the live vocals cemented that opinion. Commanding stage presence and girl is a Rock. Star. She also did You Don’t Have to Say You Love and ended with Try a Little Tenderness. I also have to compliment her wardrobe, a black miniskirt with loose, flowing top over a rhinestone bra. Very flattering to her body shape, giving the illusion of, well, more than is really there. ;-)

I love Nadia!!


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