Wednesday, September 14

The Best of RockStar

A lot of viewers have come into the show recently and are asking for recommendations of earlier performances - mp3's and videos to find online. So here are my suggestions, in no particular order (and yes, I realize I left a few contestants out; they just didn't have anything that really stood out for me). One more disclaimer: I did not know a good portion of these songs before the show, so I couldn't compare them to the originals, so I may have liked them more than those who do know the originals. This covers the show through Week 9 (Sept 7) and does not include this week's Top 4 performances.

Ty - No Woman, No Cry, Heartbreaker, Everybody Hurts

Jessica - Purple Haze, Disappear

JD - California Dreamin', Cold As Ice, Come As You Are, Mystify

Deanna - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Suzie - Never Tear Us Apart (which she actually did twice; both are good), Bitter Tears, Bring It On Home, and Bohemian Rhapsody

Jordis - Heart Shaped Box, Man Who Sold the World

MiG - Lola, We Will Rock You, Live and Let Die

Brandon - Devil Inside

Marty - Lithium, Mr. Brightside, Don't Change, Wish You Were Here, Everlong

I'm excited for an awesome finale next week but sad the show will be ending. And, truly clueless as to who Our Band: INXS will choose!

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Todd said...

You are missing the best performance of the entire show IMHO - Mig's 'Baby I Love Your Way' was truly awesome! Marty's 'Wish You Were Here' is a close second though.

Here is my list of the best songs by the top 7 artists.

MiG - Lola, Baby I Love Your Way, Do Or Die, Live And Let Die, Kiss From A Rose

Marty - With Arms Wide Open, Baby One More Time, I Alone, Wish You Were Here, Everlong, Trees, Creep

J.D. - As Tears Go By, Cold As Ice, Pretty Vegas, Mystify

Suzie - Never Tear Us Apart, Bohemian Rhapsody, Soul Life, Suicide Blonde

Jordis - Baba O'Reilly, Heart Shaped Box, The Man Who Sold The World, Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Ty - Heartbreaker, Everybody Hurts, No Woman No Cry, Proud Mary

Deanne - Long Train Running, I Can't Make You Love Me, My Truth, Elegantly Wasted

I don't know who INXS will end up choosing, but I definitely am rooting for MiG! I think Marty will be more successful on his own, same for Jordis. I would certainly by music by both Marty and Jordis with their bands.

If J.D. ends up winning, then I'm not buying the new INXS album, as I don't like his voice or style. I'll soon forget about Suzie too, as I think she has been over-rated.

Go MiG!!!