Friday, June 23

Top 18 - Results (6/22)

This week's opening group number was choreographed by Dan and seems shorter and not quite as interesting as last week's. But still fun. Then we get the normal recap of last night's performances, plus a little behind-the-scenes footage: one scene of everyone complaining about having to be up so early, & one of Dmitri & Joy in a practice room right before performing. There has been much discussion of this online, and I'll recap what I saw...

They were practicing, she was messing up, he was frustrated with her and snapped at her. He made some comment about "someone" not wanting to practice more earlier. Then they noticed the camera in the room and he gruffly asked them not to film them right then. Now, several people thought he was being all mean & unsupportive of his partner. But if it's true he wanted to practice more & she didn't, then he certainly had a right to be frustrated w/her for not knowing the routine. As he was after the performance (I believe he said something like they had some problems with practicing, but worked it out? I may go rewatch to be sure... but Nigel said it was a smart, politically correct way to answer) I think he was being tactful and protective, not wanting to publicly criticize or blame his partner.

Then the results - with something I hadn't noticed before, short performance clips on the big overhead screen while each couple's judges' comments are reviewed. Anyway they're brought up 3 at a time this week:

Jaymz/Jessica - safe
Ben/Ashley - safe
Dmitri/Joy - bottom 3

Musa/Natalie - all 3 safe!

Jason/Aleks - bottom 3
Ryan/Heidi - bottom 3
Ivan/Allison - safe

So, now we get solos. Oh, couple quick comments on people who aren't doing solos. Or at least on their hair. I despise Natalie's 'do tonight. And is it just me, or is Benji's hair darker??

Well, all the solos are fairly good. I'd label them but I don't know dance styles well enough to distinguish correctly, so I'd better not. Dmitri wore a cape over his regular pants that made him looked like he was wearing gauchos. And Aleks wore a long-sleeved dark shirt w/very short shorts you couldn't really see... you know, like she was walking around in her boyfriend's shirt. Different. She was incredibly nervous and almost looked like she gave up part-way through. Heidi's was pretty good for someone who's a pairs dancer. Ryan (who is surprisingly short!) was very creative in his, and Jason had some impressively fast hip-hop moves and a great routine. Also a fun attitude that spawned some goofy comments when Cat talked to him afterward.

This week's guest artist Rihanna performed "S.O.S." and her dancers were decent, but really not shown that much. What's the point of the show again?

The girls get their results first. Heidi is brought forward first, complimented, and told that she's safe. Joy is told that she is a "jack of all trades, and master of none." Aleks is told her solo was "pitiful" but she has time to work on it as she's safe... so Joy is sent home. She's not surprised.

Of the guys, Dmitri is brought forward, told his dancing was "superb" both nights and that he answered well regarding his partner's weakness last night - and he is safe! Nigel tells Ryan that while the judges wouldn't have put him in the bottom 3, the audience did, and he thinks it's because there's a 'wall' of sorts between Ryan and the audience. But he'll get time to work on that, as Jason is told that he didn't show "personality" tonight (sigh, the same thing Stas got, and I think they both have great personalities and did show them!!) and is going home.

So, wow, all my predictions were correct! I would've changed them after the solos as I loved Jason's & Dmitri's wasn't that interesting, but they're really emphasizing the "personalities" this year so the more charismatic people get the advantage. Which I'd already been considering regarding Travis & Benji, but hadn't really applied to anyone else yet. Oh and Dmitri and Aleksandra are now paired together since their partners have been eliminated. Until next week....


RealityCheck said...

Yeah I think you drank your psychic juice this week. :)

And I agree about the supposed lack of personality thing. The girls that were eliminated I totally agreed with, but the guys... I'm not really sure what kind of crack Nigel is on. Staz was exciting and not one-dimensional and Jason was full of personality. Who the heck knows?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Is it just me or was Joy totally done WRONG on So You Think You Can Dance last night? I mean, she was obviously the better performer. The judges just DIDN'T like her cocky attitude and the way she thought she didn't have to practice. This competition is NOT about personality, it is about TALENT and Joy has more in her little toe than that doped out Alexandra has in her whole body. Jason was eliminated because HE SUCKED!!


Kat said...

Well, Anonymous, sorry, but I think it is just you. Either Joy or Aleks could have gone, but I think Joy was definitely the weakest female dancer remaining. The judges actually were a lot kinder to her than she deserved IMO. As I said, previously male partners had been berated for bringing their partner down, but in this case, when she was clearly the weaker partner, the judges criticized her *partner* (for not helping her enough; sorry, but there's not a lot they can do in just a few days, and if you tone down your own performance - like Jason did - then you're sacrificing yourself) instead of her. I'm not a dancing expert but as a viewer I thought Aleks' solo was more interesting/entertaining than Joy's. And between those 2 it obviously was not about personality, unless you're rewarding sincerity over pleasantness.