Sunday, January 14

Grease - Episode 2 (NY Auditions)

It's week 2, and the New York auditions. As the previews showed, there seems to be more talent here, understandably!

Another blond hopeful Sandy, Ashley is a newlywed from Nashville. Her voice cracked on the high part but they let her redo and it was good! So she's through. I think she has potential (that's my opinion for most of tonight's, noone I hate, and didn't really see enough to love anyone, yet). I also liked the redhead, Juliana, and maybe the black gal, Lexi.

The 2 big dramas centered around the very untrained, unfinished "jock" Matt Nolan, and the other Matt, who started the episode & auditions as part of a (shaky) couple with Sarah. I thought she was a better singer & neither were great dancers, but he goes to the academy and she does not, storming out of the theater and, likely, his life. Ah, the price of fame. ;-) The other Matt advances as well; he could have potential also.

Far beyond "potential" is someone I actually recognize after watching for a while, and being told that he starred as Link in the Broadway Across America tour of Hairspray (which we saw a couple years ago) - Austin Miller! He's very pretty, sings very well, dances the routine easily, and doesn't seem too cocky. So far the only guy I'm really rooting for. (Not that he needs it as much as an unknown, though, which may come into play later.) Here's an interview; he used to have a website but it may have been taken down while he's on this show.

The Academy looks to be loads of fun. Of course between now & then we have 4 hours of Idol to watch (& blog)! (And 2 more hours of 24...) Should be a great week!!

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