Monday, January 8

Grease: You're The One That I Want

Whew; been a while! Life & stuff. But I'm back! Happy New Year! Only 8 more days til Idol, but we got a nice warm-up in the Grease show Sunday night. I'd have liked to have seen more of the dancing, but hopefully that'll come later.

I love the musical & many of the songs; those who don't will get really sick of the show fast! & there are a few obvious take-offs from Idol. But, I think it'll work, and it's fairly short (6-8 wks?). So...

Not going to recap, just highlights. Not much to say about Chicago - only 7 advanced to "Grease Academy." Only one that stood out to me was Kelli, the 17-year old who sang "Good Morning, Baltimore." I like her voice.

LA was much better. One who didn't get past the singing but I think deserves mention was Vincent, the 17-year old who sang a Queen song. I think he should've gotten through though he probably wouldn't have gotten the part; great voice & a lot of potential though!

Of the ones still in, Kara is definitely my favorite. 21, brunette, real cute gal. I liked Rebecca's voice (blond pharmacy gal) but the dancing killed her. And Patricia... I love Patricia! She was the heavy-set gal w/the great attitude (not Sunshine, the younger, less confident heavy-set gal). Really great personality, *amazing* vocal ability, & I think she could've done the dancing. Obviously not the "look" they wanted but I think she should've gotten further.

Guys... hard to tell so far! In the dancing part there was a skinny Hispanic (I think) guy on the far right of one of the groups who was awesome, but I don't think we've heard him sing yet. Another whose name I don't know, the very last guy who sang in LA, is good, but I'm not sure about his attitude/personality, could be on the cocky side. We'll see.

So, no favorites yet - well, just Kara. Looking forward to seeing the NY segment next week; looked like we'll see a lot of major talent there. Ooh, it'll probably be up against the premier of 24! Not good. But hey, that's what VCR's are for....

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