Thursday, February 8

AI San Antonio Auditions

This time we have 11,000 gathered to audition!

First is Brian Kyrish (27, TX) who is not aware that you don't have to yell "Rebel Yell."

Haley Scarnato (24, TX, #50411) sings "I Can't Make You Love Me." She's pretty, with a good voice & good control (and not too embellished). After the guys get her & Paula to stop their fashion discussion, she advances.

Jasmine Holland... is a no.

Baylie Brown (#38625, 16, from small town Krum, TX) sings Faith Hill's "Stronger." She got a *lot* of backstory: we see her parents and their ranch, and are told that she is a city girl at heart. She sings well and Simon proclaims her "very commercial."

We get a montage called "One Contestant, Two Doors." I don't know why they have one door locked in each audition hall, but it does make for some humorous clips.

Next we have male cousins who have been raised together. First up is William Green (25) who sings "Amazing Grace" and is not a singer.

Akron Watson, the younger and thinner cousin (#44185, 23, Dallas), however, is most definitely a singer. He sings "A Change is Gonna Come" and then (after Simon says he's bored), with a little more animation, "Let's Get It On." I like this guy a lot! He gets 3 yesses.

We get small clips of "a few we'd like to forget," and then (unfortunately) a longer one of Sandie Chavez, who sings "Black Velvet" with very strange pronunciation and phrasing. Simon asks if the performance was serious and she starts crying (oops!). After she leaves they see on her bio that she's a music teacher...!

Next up is Ashlyn Carr (#48682, 18, TX). She was beaten up in high school (to the point of getting a concussion) by another girl because she could sing, I think; it didn't really make sense to me but whatever. She sings "Feeling Good" and has a great voice with nice/unique tone, and is beautiful (reminds me a little of Christina Christian) and has a nice personality... but makes really nasty faces when she is singing. Paula especially has a hard time with the facial expressions, and she and Randy say no. Simon says he would've put her through but she leaves. Paula feels bad and they keep talking about her... and finally offer to have her come back in for a 2nd chance. They ask if she understands their concern? She says yes, and tones it down a bit to sing "Inseparable." This time she gets through.

Jacob Tutor (21, TX) is nicknamed "Jake the Snake" and says his family is in "the entertainment business." He does something rock and is not good.

Last up is Jimmy McNeal (#44712, 23, TX) singing "Cupid." He's very good and seems to have a fun personality. Simon says he's "like a little, fun Ruben." He definitely has potential. He also has an excited family outside, including a little girl who isn't quite sure what's going on. Ryan said Jimmy should tell her what happened, so he leans down and says "I'm going to Hollywood!" She replies, "So?" Hee!

If they gave the total number through I missed it, but we saw 5. One more ep. til Hollywood Week, yay!

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