Monday, February 26

Grease- "Ladies' Night"

Tonight will focus on the women only, except for the elimination. We will also have guest Frankie Avalon performing (though not participating on the panel). The opener is "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee."

This week the contestants focused on acting as they paired up in scenes for Kathleen to evaluate. We get several clips, and see that their scenes involved kissing! I'm guessing if Allie & Max are paired that part should come easily!

Next we find out who's in the bottom 4... Austin, Max, Ashley, and Laura are named, and are safe (yay!). Derek & Allie are also safe. Leavng Chad (wow!), Kevin (yep) Kate (really?!), and Kathleen (definitely) in the bottom 4. The actual lowest vote-getters are, surprisingly, Kate and Kevin. I guess the behind-the-scenes comments last week really hurt her!

The first to perform is Ashley. We see a bit of her acting scenes during the week w/Kevin. She sings "These Boots were Made for Walking" and has 4 of the guys as background dancers/props (well, she does kick them). She's supposed to be showing her sexy side... and apparently doesn't have much of one.

Next is Allie, who acts with Max, as expected. However, their RL chemistry does not translate into their acting; Kathleen calls them too planned or controlled. She sings a song I don't know ("It's Oh So [something]"), but the panel described it as musical comedy. Derek & Austin assist.

Laura was paired with Derek for the acting. She sings "Fever" in order to show her sultry side - backed by 4 guys - and does a good job.

Time for the sing-off so we know who's still around to compete. Tonight's song is "Blue Moon" and everyone is good. The panel says this is the 1st time they haven't made a unanimous decision. They save Chad and Kathleen over Kate! I'm shocked, not to mention disappointed. They say, again (Kathleen was in the bottom 4 last week as well; you'd think they'd take the hint that we. don't. like. her!), that her strength in the acting scenes was the deciding factor. Kate takes it well enough.

So, Kathleen is up; she was paired with Chad for the acting (which means that Kate & Austin were paired, but since she's gone we don't get any clips, boo!). She sings "Let's Hear It for the Boy" and is supposed to show her sweet, innocent side... doesn't work, and for the first time her vocals are actually bad. Maybe 3rd time in the bottom will be the charm?

Frankie Avalon performs "Beauty School Dropout" with the remaining girls.

Then in preparation for next week we get backstage clips of the guys commenting about each other. They think Austin is egotistical and overperforms (I'll agree w/the latter); Chad is seen as not having emotional depth; Max is criticized for having no formal dance training (yet Danny wins a dance contest... "It's in the script!" says Austin); and Derek... doesn't get comments other than one of the guys not being able to list his strengths. I can't wait til next week!!

Oh, and lastly the panel is asked for their favorites of the night: all 3 choose Laura.

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