Thursday, February 21

AI7 Top 24 Results

Over 28 million votes for our first week, which is down a bit from last year. Ryan starts off by asking the judges about the experience of the contestants, and Paula replies that in this "savvy business," if you haven't already tried to make it, then you shouldn't be here. Um, ok, that would mean about half of them should leave now. At least they're attempting to address the controversy.

Next we get footage of the fancy photo shoot the Top 24 got to do, set to a Daughtry song. (Check out the photos at the official website.)

Then a group number, yay! The guys are all spiffed up and start the 60's medley out, then of course the girls join it. There are small solos for a few of them: Michael, David H, Jason Y, Alaina, Syesha, Asia'h, Kristy Lee, Luke, Amanda, & David C. We'll see if that was foreshadowing at all... (turns out yes, it was!)

Up first as usual are the guys, and we get a recap of Tuesday's performances & judges' comments. Then Ryan asks Garrett to come up onto the stage to "chat." Well, the chat pretty much consisted of Ryan telling Garrett's he's going home! Wow, that was abrupt. And then Garrett had to sing! But he did a great job; really, better than the first time (probably because he didn't have time to be nervous & wasn't standing still at a mic stand). This year the family members are up on the balcony during the sing-out.

Girls' recap, then Kristy is brought up. Ryan asks her about being sick, then tells her to rest up for next week because she's safe. Then he tells Amy she's leaving. Unfortunately her sing-out is not any better than it was the first time.

After the commercial, we get a commercial. Well, we get to see Paula's new music video, for her song "Dance Like there's no Tomorrow" which is on "Randy's album." Randy also plays bass in the video (interesting). For a song about dancing, Paula does surprisingly little of it in the video, though there are others dancing around her. Back to the show...

Joanne and Amanda are called onto the stage and the rest of the girls are safe (yay!). Amanda is safe thus it is Joanne leaving us. Sing-out.

As for the guys, Chikieze and Colton are brought up and Ryan doesn't bother to tell the rest that they are safe, but gets right to the "results" so we assume they are. And we are correct (YAY!). Chikieze is also safe (and extremely relieved) which means Colton is going home. Paula tells him he's got plenty of time to pursue his career; Simon advises instead to get a good job & sing for fun on the side.

Ryan calls the other 3 back up & we see the goodbye montage for all 4, then Colton gets his sing-out (with a great glory note at the end).

I will say, this is the first time in the past 3 years that I haven't been disappointed after the first results show! Yay, the pattern has been broken! Now, if I can just get a favorite into the Top 12....

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