Friday, February 29

AI7 Top 20 Results

There were almost 31 million votes this week. Ryan asked Randy why the semis have themes this year and he said because the older songs are "better" (?). Paula acknowledged another viewer gripe (obviously without calling it that) and actually admitted that yes, the judges are responsible for putting all the semifinalists in the Top 24 to begin with. And they talked about Simon's new 'half moose' hand habit but he didn't say why he was doing it.

Yay, group medley! No choreography this time, but it's still fun. Always interesting to see who gets the solos. Michael is first, with a really long one, and is even the only one on the stage for quite some time! TPTB aren't even attempting to be subtle about their Chosen Ones anymore. Other solos of varying lengths go to David C, David A, Kristy (who sounds great doing "It's a Heartache"), Carly, Alexandrea, Amanda (still sounding terrible), Chikieze, Syesha, Robbie, Brooke (singing Carly Simon again), Jason Y (sounding awesome), and Alaina.

Boys' recap: backstage, post-performance footage shows David C saying he felt bad about his comment to Simon & didn't mean to offend him; later David H still on a high from his good comments, says "That was so exciting! I'm gonna go cry now...." Hee.

Back row stands. Michael is safe, as are Chikieze and Jason C (whom Ryan freaks out by saying "I've got bad news... we'll have to chat w/you more next week because you're safe!"). That leaves Jason Y and a very worried Danny, who is, thankfully, safe. Jason Y gets the normal singout and, as usual, sounds better than his competition performance. The guy really is a good singer, he just made bad song choices & comes across way too cheesy.

Girls' recap: Amanda says after receiving her negative comments, "If they don't like it, they don't like it. I'm not asking them to buy an album."

Back row stands. Kristy is safe, as are Asia'h and Brooke. We have Amanda and Alexandrea, and the result seems obvious... but, alas, is not, and Amanda stays while a better singer (in my & a whole bunch of other people's opinions) leaves. Her problem was two-fold; didn't stand out from the crowd (song or personality-wise), and sang a song about leaving! (You don't. do. that.) During Alex's singout, David A was more upset than any of the girls; besides being a fellow youngster (they have schooling together during the week) they have known each other for several years as they were on Star Search at the same time. She went over to give him a hug after she finished.

Idol news: For this year's Top 12 they will have a whole new set, new graphics, and a new exit song, sung by Ruben! (They didn't say but I found out later, it's a cover of Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home"! I really hope he does it justice as that's an awesome song!) Also we'll get another Idol Gives Back (April 9) and some of the stars helping are Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood. Now back to this show....

Carly is safe. Ramielle is safe. Syesha is also safe. Kady and Alaina remain, and Ryan says that one of them had the lowest # of votes & the other was in the bottom 3. Again everyone assumes it's an easy choice and Kady will go. Again, everyone is wrong. Kady looks the most surprised of all as her jaw literally drops. Alaina bursts into tears and, turning away from the camera, says "I can't sing!" (and "this is embarrassing!" heh.) Sigh. I really, really like her, both her voice & her personality. Ryan tries to console her & also has Paula (standing already) say a few words too; even Ryan was a bit teary! He finally offered her the choice of singing or not, & the other girls talked her into it & came onto the stage with her. Once she got into it she was able to focus & did pretty well; it seems she has garnered some respect on the boards for that, which is nice.

Ok, back to the guys... David H looks especially nervous and is extremely relieved when Ryan calls Luke & Robbie upstage and tells the rest (all 3 Davids) they are safe! Whew! and Yay! Turns out it is Robbie's time to go, and it looks like Jesse from So You Think You Can Dance is his girlfriend because she's the only one up in the balcony as his family/friends during his singout! Interesting. Simon rubbed salt in the wound by one final time stating that they didn't "believe" Robbie as a rocker. I like the guy, but would've also preferred him doing pop rather than rock, & won't miss him much. The other 3 come back, they get 'journey' videos, and then Robbie sings out.

Next week, 80's - I can't wait!

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