Tuesday, March 4

AI7 Semifinals - Top 8 Men (3/4/08)

The theme is 80's music, and the videos are contestants' Most Embarrassing Moments (most aren't that entertaining so I'll skip them unless anyone asks...).

Luke - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" Well, the rumors/spoilers said "Father Figure," which would have been a better choice; instead he wanted to do another upbeat, "fun" song. I think he put the nail in his coffin, so to speak. It was ok but not great. Paula loved but Randy was meh & Simon hated it.

David A
- "Just Another Day in Paradise" He started on piano & rearranged it quite a bit (slower, for one thing). It was very good, showed off his vocals & highlighted the lyrics. Randy & Simon both said he'd done better; Simon said he was getting too "gloomy" w/his song choices.

Danny - "Tainted Love" A bit fast, and the arrangement was a bit strange; I prefer the original. It was still pretty good, there were a few really good notes, and definitely showed his attitude/personality. Randy said the vocals could be stronger but R & P both liked it; predictably, Simon hated it.

David H - "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" I must say that I didn't expect a guy to tackle Celine!! Good for him; he pulled it off, too! The judges mostly loved it, though Simon said he prefers when he sings more R&B stuff. Then Simon said he thought he'd definitely be safe this week and advance. Nooooooo!! Simon wants him gone; make people think he's safe, & they won't vote!! (Didn't work on *me* of course; I got about 140 in for him!)

Michael- "Don't You Forget About Me" He started low in the verse and this was a good choice for him; he actually sounded really good! Until he went into the higher parts & got more shouty & "rock" style. Randy either forgot which band sang this (Simple Minds) or forgot which band Michael Hutchence was in (INXS), because he basically said it was cool that Michael went "home" (Australia) for his choice & that he even reminds him a bit of M.H. Um, ok. Paula loved it; Simon liked it but prefers his soul side more than the rock.

David C
- "Hello" Wow. Yes, the Lionel Richie song!!!! Played his electric guitar & everything! I love this guy, he has the best sense of humor! Good voice too; he really sang most of it straight & just rock-style shouted a bit in the middle. Definitely his best performance so far (true of several tonight). Judges loved.

Jason - "Hallelujah" Another great and greatly appropriate song choice! Jason did a great job on this (other than losing the last, soft note for a while, but he got it back)! Randy & Paula both mentioned the difficulty of singing this; all the judges loved it. He should be a lock for the Top 12 (at least).

And surprisingly Chikieze gets the pimp spot! He sings "All the Woman I Need" (again) and is very good, but uninteresting. I did kind-of like his Most Emb. Moment though - at his new high school he kept using this bathroom that no one else was in, and finally realized it was the girls' room! Heh. R & P liked it but Simon called it cabaret (after making Chikieze admit that Whitney was one of several people who covered it, like that made a difference as to how well he sang it?!).

Luke's definitely a goner but I'm not sure who's 2nd. Could be Chikieze, Danny (hope not), or maybe David H (really hope not!). I voted for David H, David C, & Danny.

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Kim said...

Hah, I caught the Michael Hutchence thing too. I was like, "INXS sang this? Huh? Or was Michael Hutchence in Simple Minds too? Huh?" Very confusing.

The guys did really great, didn't they? I thought it was a great show. I do like David H. too, but the whole gay stripping thing turns me off just a tad.

I think the top 12 is a great group - and I think Kristy should be thankful for that performance of Faithfully, or else she would have been gone baby gone. (By the way, have you seen Gone Baby Gone? Good twisty plot movie - terrible language, though.)

That's all I've got.