Wednesday, March 19

AI7 - Top 11 Results / Top 10 Announced

Ryan announces the mentors that will be appearing this season: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Neil Diamond.

Group medley, yay! Starts w/two of my favorite Beatles songs, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Here, There, and Everywhere." Everyone gets at least a short solo except David Cook, Ramiele, and Jason.

Amanda is shown first during the recap (which is probably only of interest to those of us doing because that's a bonus point question!).

This week Ryan is bringing the contestants out (from backstage) one by one, where they will be sent either to the couch ("You're in the Top 10!") or one of 3 stools (Bottom 3). Brooke is first, and she's safe. Carly is next - and to almost everyone's surprise, she's in the Bottom 3. David A and Michael are also safe.

This week we a behind-the-scenes, "making of" for the Ford video. The set-up is the filming of a movie with UFO's. Song is "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

David Cook is first out in the next group. Ryan said, "Last night Simon said you looked smug. How do you react to that?" David replied, "I don't." Hee! David is safe (yay!).

Kristy is next - and yes, she's in the Bottom 3. Jason and Ramiele are both safe.

Viewer calls segment. 2 for the judges, 2 for contestants.

Kellie Pickler gives an update on her life: she's working on her 2nd album, touring with Rascal Flatts, and recently returned from a USO show in Iraq. She sings "Red High Heels." And EeEee!! Austin Clark (of The Clark Brothers) is in the band playing dobro! :-) (I'm told he also played last night during Chikieze's song.)

Next is an Idol Gives Back segment showing footage of Elliot and Fantasia in Africa handing out mosquito nets. Apparently there is somewhat of a tradition for babies to be named after their first hospital visitors, and they take Elliot in to a newborn and mom who is naming the baby Elliot! He cries and it's very sweet.

Syesha is first of the last group and she is safe. That leaves Amanda and Chikieze who come out together... Chikieze is safe, so Amanda is in the Bottom 3.

Carly is sent to the Top 10 couch leaving Kristy and Amanda. Kristy is safe, and Amanda is out. Journey video, singout, credits. And I don't think we were told next week's music theme, were we?

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Alice said...

Bummed that Amanda is out. I think the theme might be songs from their birth year.