Wednesday, March 26

AI7 - Top 10 Results

Ryan tells us there were over 30 million votes last night. We get a fun group number of "Right Back Where We Started From." And some footage from the recording sessions of the iTunes releases, which was also fun.

Contestants will again be brought out from backstage one at a time to be told whether they are safe or in the Bottom 3. This was a tough week to predict!

Chikieze is first to come out and he is in the Bottom 3.
Brooke is safe.
Carly is safe (and not pregnant, she announces!).

The Ford commercial is very short this week, which makes me sad because I love the song: "I Want You to Want Me." It's also very strange, with videos of contestants singing on small items like a cd case being held up or the back of someone's jacket.

Back to results:
David A is safe.
David C is safe (and Ryan said Chris Cornell enjoyed David's performance).
Syesha is Bottom 3.
Michael is safe.

Viewer calls segment... still lame. Guest performance: Kimberly Locke! Nice video filling us in on her post-Idol successes, with a clip from her 1st music video, news that she has opened a restaurant in Manhattan, and lots of photos of her svelte self post-40-lb. weight loss! She sings a new single called "Fall" and is wearing a rather elegant strapless gown with her hair up. The song is nice I guess, but I like her more upbeat songs better.

Last of the results:
Ramiele comes out next, and is safe, which totally throws off my picks for this week!
Last out are Jason and Kristy. Apparently Ryan also heard that Lee Greenwood liked Kristy's performance (Ryan has been busy!), as did the voters, so she is safe, and Jason is in the Bottom 3. Ryan says he acted like he expected it, and Jason starts rambling on about how yes, he had a feeling ever since last night, and he's been thinking about it all day, and probably deserves it, and... Ryan interrupts him to say he's safe! So a surprised Jason heads back to the couches.

After the break... it's between Syesha and Chikieze. I'm hoping it's not Chikieze, but he had a somewhat boring performance (at least compared to the past 2 weeks) and she had arguably her best yet... so it is Chikieze who heads home. Bummer!

I forgot to mention that last night I noticed Amy Davis in the audience. Tonight she is back, along with David Hernandez and Danny Noriega (who are sitting right behind Simon, so we get to see their reactions to judges' comments several times). Also shown a couple of times are Constantine and Gina Glockson (who have replaced Matt & Mikayah on American Idol Extra this year). Cool!

Next week: Country, with Dolly Parton! Can't wait to see what David C. pulls out of his hat next!

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