Saturday, March 15

David Hernandez Fan 'Tribute'

I'm not sure about the word Tribute because it makes it sound like he's dead ;-), but y'all know what I mean! Sigh. Once again my favorite contestant is ousted waaaaaay too soon, and I won't even get to see him on tour. I have yet to see any fan sites spring up, but I definitely want to keep tabs on the guy and want to share some media stuff with any other fans who may be looking.

First some interviews: Exit Interview with David, MSN Interview, and one from Unfortunately I think he comes off a bit desperate, but at least he has a positive attitude (one of his strengths throughout the competition)!

I'm not that surprised that "I Saw Her Standing There" was not at the top of his song choice list. I'm not sure how he would have done on "Let It Be," but if I'd never heard Brooke's version I probably would have loved David's.

Upcoming appearances: Ellen Degeneres show on Monday.

Media clips available for download: iTunes, of course; also Rickey has his Hollywood & Arizona Idol clips, as well as other Idol performances, photos, and such. Personally I've listened to the mp3 of "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" at least a gazillion times already. :-)

I may edit this to add additional links (or photos) later. Thanks for visiting!

Aaaaand, here's the first edit! I found a few MySpace fan pages so I'll list those: "hernandez", with lots of performance vids and a Q&A in the blog; "David Hernandez Online",; "David Hernandez Fans", with photos from his Ellen appearance Monday; and "Ultimate fans of DH" which has the recent magazine blurbs in the blog and a nice message from David to fans (from Extra).

And looks like David's own site is back up and running! Yay!

Lastly check out the new tune! New to me, anyway. This is a song from another (unsigned) R&B singer in Arizona, but it features David (especially at the beginning). Enjoy!


SusanD said...

Aw, well done! ANd thanks for all the links, too. I still miss him!

PezKat said...

Thanks. I do too, but having DwtS starting up helps. So had you heard "Hold On" before? I LOVE it!!!! (& I'm not a huge R&B fan.)