Thursday, May 15

AI7 - Top 3 Results & Trips Home

56 million votes last night! Group number "Ain't no Stopping Us Now," complete with cheesy choreo, thankyou! ;-) Ford music video: "Heaven." Guest performance: Fantasia (who barely sang at all, injecting a bunch of "yeah"s over her background singers' lyrics... a shot of Simon as she finished up showed him looking appropriately shocked, confused, and a little scared). And audience shots of the entire Top 12! (Plus Andrew Lloyd Webber, he apparently just won't go away.)

Each contestant gets footage from their visit home, usually involving local Fox morning shows, driving around in limos, visiting their former schools, malls/outdoor concerts, lots of screaming fans, and tears (only in one brief scene for David C; a lot for the other two, not surprisingly). Syesha sang "Proud Mary," David A sang "Imagine," and David C sang "Living on a Prayer." David C also got to throw out the first pitch at a K.C. Royals game. They also each have their "journey" video shown.

All 3 are on stage, and Ryan says he'll announce the two contestants that will be in the finale. First is David A (lots of clapping, cheering, and a little crying on David's part). 2nd is... suspense, kind-of... David Cook! Yay!! All is right in reality competition show elimination land this week (since Marissa finally left DwtS last night)! Syesha sang "If I Ain't Got You" again to end the show. Can't wait til next week!!

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Kim said...

Fantasia scarred my mom for life. She was like, "What IS that screaming thing?" (She and I didn't watch Season 3 - I was always working late at the lab and she hadn't gotten interested yet.) And I think Andrew Lloyd Webber is the new Neil Sedaka.

[inside joke] KILL! [/ij]

As an aside, thanks for your comments and encouragement and prayers. (If you don't mind, keep it up! The prayers at least!) I've had a great 2 weeks back to school and I'm actually happy sometimes, and I'm learning a lot and having a ball doing it. I owe it all to Him - sometimes when I pray lately, I just can't say anything else but "Thank You", over and over.

I hope life is good for you right now too!