Wednesday, May 7

AI7 - Top 4 Results (5/7/08)

Almost 51 million votes last night! Well, I had one friend vote for about 5 hours, so obviously the lines were open a long time. Ryan also tells us the top 3 were within 1 million votes of each other.

Group song: "Reelin' in the Years" - fun, as usual!

First up is David A., who is, of course, safe, and will be participating in the Top 3 Hometown Visits next week (love those!).

The group got to go to Vegas again this week, for Cirque du Soleil's Beatles show "Love." And the accompanying outdoor dolphin habitat. No, I don't know why.

Next is David C. who is, of course, also safe! Yay, no shocking boot tonight.

Ford Video is "Ring of Fire," mariachi style! With the contestants dressed as bullfighters (and a car as the 'bull').

Call-ins... mostly boring.

Guest performance: Maroon 5! 2nd guest performance: Bo Bice! (Aww, Caroline is pregnant again! Bo's such a cute dad.)

And lastly it's Jason and Syesha... in response to Ryan's asking why he's been struggling, Jason said it's his lack of experience & having to do 2 songs/week (3 if you count the groups). Fortunately he won't have to tackle 3 next week, as he is, indeed, eliminated. He gets part of a sing-out, the band started late or something.

2 more weeks and that's it! Hopefully David C. finds his mojo next week and rocks the house. Pez out!

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Kim said...

What did Maroon 5 and Bo Bice sing? I was just wondering. Come on, Pez, your attention to detail is slipping! :-)