Wednesday, February 18

AI8 - Group 1 Results (2/18/09)

Over 24 million votes last night - wow! We get a montage of short clips from everyone's "journey" (initial auditions, mostly). Then a group song, yay!! "I'm Yours" - but, it's the whole group, the whole time - no one gets solos! :-( Would've loved to hear Anoop solo on this.

Recap - highlighted Alexis, Tatiana & Ann Marie for the girls, Anoop & Danny for the guys. Not surprising there.

So for the first stretch, Ryan brings contestants down to the stage to give them their results. Some solo, some in pairs.

Casey - no ("You're not in the Top 12")
Stephen - no
Alexis - yes! 1st through, and she gets to sing again. Yeah, I guess she's good enough to be a finalist, sure.

Brought down together:
Jackie - no
Ricky - no

Now Michael & Anoop are brought down together, but only one of them get to go through... wow, Anoop is really tall (no wonder I like him, lol!). Unfortunately it's Michael and Anoop is sent back to the couches. They'd better bring him back for wildcard!!!! Oh Ryan says he only had 20,000 fewer votes than Michael did.

Short video from the "American Idol Experience" premiere at Disney, Florida. All 7 winners were together. The finale was a performance by David Cook & Carrie Underwood dueting on "You Can Go Your Own Way," and from what we see it was awesome! Now *that* they should sell on iTunes!

After the break Ryan calls down "the next 2 contestants"... and it's Carly Smithson and Michael Johns, back to perform for us. Michael says his single will be out soon and his album drops in May. They sing "The Letter," just like on tour.

Ryan now has the following stand up at the couches, and all find out they're done: Ann Marie, Brent, and Stevie. Which leaves...

Danny & Tatiana to come down on stage. One of them will advance... like we don't know which one? Sheesh. Well they still drew it out, but of course it's Danny. Tatiana manages to hold it together until about half-way through Danny's song, but then she starts sobbing.

And that's pretty much it!

Next week, Group 2:
Girls - Megan Corkrey, Mishovanna Henson, Allison Iraheta, Jasmine Murray, Jesse Langseth, and Jeanine Vailes.
Guys - Kris Allen, Matt Brietzke, Matt Giraud, Kai Kalama, Adam Lambert, & Nick Mitchell. Theoretically, more talent than this week, so let's hope the performances show it! Can't wait to hear what Adam will sing....


L said...

I wasn't surprised at last night's results because I had seen the numbers on Dial Idol.
I just feel that some people are voting for Danny because his wife died. He's a good singer, but could we please see an Idol show without his wife being mentioned?
Tatiana will be back...the producers aren't going to pass THAT up!!
Loved Braddy, and hope he gets to come back in the wild card round.
Go Anoop!!!
Keep on posting your recaps, Pez! I love 'em!!


PezKat said...

Hey, thanks for the comment/feedback! Good to know someone's reading. :)

tractorbladderr said...

Yeah, I like Danny, but I really wish they would stop talking about his wife--it feels very contrived. However, I'm not surprised that he's through, and I, for one, am happy. As I said before, I don't think Michael's song was as strong as other performances, but I'm happy to see him go through. At the expense of Anoop, though...I'm planning on Anoop being a wildcard, and really hope I'm right!

tractorbladderr said...

Hey, are you going to post any thoughts/feeling about the upcoming contestants and how you think they'll do before we actually hear them sing? I'd like to hear more of your thoughts on them!

PezKat said...

Hey Beth, thanks for letting me know it's you! ;)

I usually just do recaps and have kind of a busy week (surprising considering I'm now unemployed, but going to a job fair Wed. so busy tomorrow prepping!). If you read any of my earlier posts you'll know I *LOVE* Adam, and it will be fun to see how he 'plays' Idol... if he's smart he could go very far. I like several of the other guys too but have a feeling this will be more of a girls' week (Jasmine & Jesse are prob. my 2 fave girls & both very good). So we'll see!