Tuesday, April 6

AI9 - Top 9

Live-ish blog this week, at least for the 1st hour (then I have to watch Lost!). ;)

Theme: Lennon/McCartney songs (no mentor)

Video clips have other contestants saying what they like about them, nicknames, etc., which is always fun!

Aaron "The Long & Winding Road" - Somehow my husband has reached the age of 42 and does not know this song, which baffles me. But Aaron (nicknamed Yoda by the rest) knows it and once again picks a song that's perfect for him. Very pretty, at least from what I can tell w/our lousy reception (I hate digital tv!!). However, the judges call it slow, boring, and old-fashioned. They complain that it's exactly the same as what he always does - which they've praised in the past. This year the judges are more inconsistent than ever w/these comments! Anyway he says if he's still here he's got a fast one picked for next week.

Katie "Let It Be" - don't like the 80's getup, but awesome vocal! The judges agree; Randy says it's her best performance yet. Wish our reception were smooth!!! grr.

Andrew "Can't Buy Me Love" - ooh, fun arrangement! I really liked that. Wonder if being out on the platform so he couldn't see the judges helped at all? Judges were mixed; Ellen loved but Kara & Simon didn't like it.

Mike "Eleanor Rigby" - Ooh, they're picking good songs!! & he has the string section on the stage w/him, very cool. Still singing it kind of R&B-ish, we'll see if the judges like or not... well, interesting. Simon said it was like a musical, but Randy & Kara loved it, said it's current & commercial.

Crystal ("Mama-sox") "Come Together" - her normal greatness; back on guitar, picked it because it's fun & showed. Judges loved it, called it solid & current.

Tim "All My Lovin'" - Perfect choice for him, & he sang it well. Played electric guitar this week. Judges liked (not loved), but 2 commended him for how he's handled their negative comments.

Casey "Jealous Guy" - I didn't know this song, but I like his performance! Very mellow for him, more emotional; was just him on acoustic guitar & a cellist on stage. The judges really loved it, complimented his vulnerability and connection/expression. Definitely one of his best, if not the best.

Siobhan "Across the Universe" - Very soft & beautiful; glamorous look, great vocal. Judges were mixed; Kara didn't really like it but they complimented her for taking their notes.

Lee "Hey Jude" - This is one of my all-time favorite songs. Hmm.... good parts & bad parts. Not a song you should change the melody of, IMO. The bagpipe was... ok! and the whole end w/a capella & the bagpipe was kind-of cool. Judges loved him, but would've ditched the bagpipe.

Overall really good show! Most picked great songs for themselves, & songs that I like ;) - and no one did Imagine!!

My personal least favorite would have to be Mike (and parts of Lee's). My prediction for bottom 3: tough call! I'll say Andrew, Tim, and maybe Aaron??? With Tim leaving. Time for guy to go, anyway (unless Katie hits the bottom again?)

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