Tuesday, April 27

AI9 - Top 6

Shania Twain week - a bit underwhelming and a tough call for who's going home.

Lee: "Still the One" - decent, but forgettable, as Simon would say. Judges liked, said it was a good choice for him (I agree).

Mike: "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" - great song choice for him! Definitely fits his style (I'm not familiar w/it to know how much he changed it, if at all.) Judges liked; some compared him to Luther Vandross.

Casey: "Don't" - Hmm, it was good, but I'm really over the vibrato! I just don't think he has that great of a voice; there were great moments, but I think at this point it's a taste issue. I expected the judges to love it though & they did, most said it was his best performance yet.

Crystal: "No One Needs to Know" - I like this song (I didn't know it before) and man, she can really sing anything (comfortably)! It was good, and different (don't think we'd heard her falsetto much before). Simon didn't like but the others did.

Aaron: "You've Got a Way" - Of course he'd do well this week; just ok on the soft parts but really good at full voice & awesome ending. Judges liked, even Simon (for the 1st time in weeks he said he was believable).

Siobhan: "Any Man of Mine" - Well, definitely not her style, but she did ok w/it. She's not good at the quick range changes, but certainly took advantage of the ending to 'do her thing'! Judges loved it.

The best IMO: Aaron & Crystal

My prediction for Bottom 3: Lee, Casey, and Crystal??? With Lee going (or Casey)?

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