Tuesday, May 4

AI9 - Top 5

Well the highlight was definitely the mentor, Harry Connick, Jr.! Besides the musical genius, he's a great actor/comedian/entertainer. He needs his own show, stat! :-)

Theme: Sinatra songs, e.g. Big Band

Aaron: "Fly Me to the Moon: - Good; judges were mixed but mostly positive.

Casey: "Blue Skies" - Not great; judges didn't like it at all. He was really out of his element & it showed; (past) time to go home. Strangely Kara acted like she was just noticing his vibrato for the first time.

Crystal: "Summer Wind" - Awesome!! Harry didn't even have any advice for her. Looked gorgeous and sounded amazing. Judges liked but not overwhelmingly.

Mike: "The Way You Look Tonight" - Very good, & judges loved it, better than Crystal's. There wasn't anything wrong with it, & like most of his it would make perfect background music, but I wouldn't sit & just listen/watch like I would Crystal.

Lee: "That's Life" - Very good also, & better than I expected in the genre! The judges really loved it, said it was the best of the night (I still thank that was Crystal but he was more interesting than Mike, anyway).

Top 2, and should be *the* top 2: Crystal & Lee
Middle of the pack: Aaron & Mike
Over his head at this point: Casey


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