Thursday, April 13


Lots of clips from contestants' families, a miniaturized group number, and emotional bottom three-ers trying to sing comprised tonights results show. I'm not doing a full recap, but the Queen medley was forced into a quarter of the screen while montage clips (a few included finalists, but most did not) ran in another corner. Phooey on them! The song assignments were pretty good though, and Chris & Bucky's voices sound awesome together!

When asked what they missed most from home, I loved Ace & Bucky's answers: the mountains (yes! and I only lived in CO for 2 yrs!) and the pet. :-)

Elliott, Ace, and Bucky were the bottom 3. As Ryan went to each contestant we saw video clips from home and then the contestant was given his or her fate. The whole back row - Taylor, Kat, Chris, and Kellie - were safe. Elliott's the first in the bottom row & the first to the bottom 3. Ryan surprised him by asking him to sing and Elliott thinks he's joking! Then E asks what song and Ryan just says "follow the band"! Poor Elliott. Anyway he still sang well. ;-) Ace was 2nd to be named to the bottom and was, like Elliott, trying to recover from an emotional response to the home clip in order to sing. Last on the couches were Bucky and Paris, who was extremely emotional over her clip (my 2 observations: her mom looks about 20, and the AI audition was like the final 'test' for Paris as to whether she would pursue a singing career, as she'd pretty much decided to give it up!), and Bucky was like the comforting big brother (adorable!). He was expecting to be bottom 3 and he was right - and sang well. Then all 3 bottom guys were brought center stage and told that Bucky was leaving. He had the best attitude possible, kind-of shrugged & said "somebody's gotta go!" I'll miss him, but I agree. Actually I'm not as sad as I expected to be; I was relieved for Ace and Elliott, but I think I was sadder to see Will in the audience (happy to see him, but sad he's not competing) than to see Bucky go. Ah well... condolences to the many fans I know he has. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future. (Here's an original song of Bucky's; it's very good!)

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J.D. said...

Thanks for posting that link to Bucky's song. I hated to see him go so much, especially when goofy Ace is going to plague my ears (and give me plenty of jokes) next week.

And dear goodness, Pickler... I would've liked to have taken that "snot rag" and plugged her cakehole with it.

My dad calls hankies "snot rags" but not in actual public.