Tuesday, April 11

Spoilered Song List

I won't list them here in case anyone doesn't want to know yet, but if you do want to know who's singing which Queen song this week, this article lists them. Personally I'm not too happy about most of the choices; hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.


J.D. said...

OH MY GOSH...Kellie's singing "Bohemian Rhapsody"?????!!!!!

This could be just the right time to see her say bye-bye!

Kat said...

Supposedly she's only doing the 'ballady' parts. I can't see her going but maybe we'll at least get to see her in Bottom 3.

I hope their intro clips say why they chose the songs. For better or worse Ace usually chooses strategically, so I'm very surprised at his choice. Supposedly Elliott has performed his before. Don't know about the rest, except that Mandisa was going to do the one Kat has now.