Wednesday, April 5

Top 10 Results

Ok, a quick one as I realized I never did this yet! Highlights: Justin Guarini in the audience, and everyone's jaws dropping when it was down to Katharine & Bucky for the "which one is safe & which is in the bottom 3?" game, and Bucky was safe! Also that Lisa was so upbeat despite going home; she had definitely prepared herself for the probability.

Bottom 3: Ace (sent back to couches 1st), Katharine (the "big shocker," except not really), and Lisa, who went home. At least she got a full sing-out, and the others came out on stage with her.

Oh, and the low? Unless you're a big Shakira fan, the guest performance. In keeping with the "21st Century" theme Shakira & Wyclef Jean performed (I was bored). So, no Idol group performance and the commercial wasn't that great either, though Bucky did get shown playing (or at least pretending to play) his guitar. :-)

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