Tuesday, January 29

AI7 Omaha Auditions (1/29/08)

For the first ever Omaha auditions, we have 10,000 people. Paula's plane is delayed so we start with just Simon & Randy (she arrives between Jason & Rachel). (I'm still just listing the people who advance, though I also have notes on some who didn't so if you have questions, please ask!)

Jason Rich, 21, IA (35192) works part-time on his girlfriend's father's farm. He sings "When You Say Nothing At All," or, rather, tries to, but keeps saying nothing at all because he forgets the words. They are *very* generous in giving him several tries & he eventually gets enough out to judge. He has a nice, somewhat country sounding voice.

Rachel Wicker, 23, MO (25548) is an arm-wrestling tomboy. Simon doesn't accept her challenge, nor does he care for her song "Don't Tell Me to Stop Loving You," but Randy & Paula do.

For some reason Ryan and Paula switch places for one audition, though they switch back before all the judges give their answers. Samantha Sidley, 22, CA (37491) is RT50. She is shy or lacks self-confidence (fidgets while singing, which Ryan points out but Paula says it doesn't matter because - all together, now - "It's a Singing Contest") but sings "Don't Know Why" very well and advance with 4 yesses.

Elizabeth Erkert, 19, IL (36166) sings "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." We don't see her full audition, but we do see her later saying she'll prove Simon wrong; she *will* be "America's Next Top Model...oops!" ;-)

Denise Jackson, 17, WI (36387?) sings a song I don't know but I love her voice & presentation.

Michael Sanflippo, 19, IL (28505) has shaggy blond hair and sings a Stevie Wonder song. Love his voice!!

Angelica Puente, 17, WI (33642) has a sob story about being estranged from her overly strict father. After she sings "Power of Love" and advances, Ryan calls her dad and he's all, "She's always been my Idol... I love you." Awwwww (not really).

Now they show clips of Chris Daughtry singing and talk about how wonderfully successful he is. And how that success has caused lots of other rockers to come audition (right, because before Season 5 Idol didn't have rockers. None at all. Especially not 2 in the top 8 of the same season or anything!). And they show clips of said rockers, but we know that some are from other cities because we've already seen them. However, there is at least one here in Omaha...

David Cook, 24, OK (36214) is RT24. He says he watched Chris's audition hoping to find some strategy he can use. It wasn't fashion-wise, because he has a multi-colored mohawk and wears an argyle sweater vest. Regardless, he sings "Living on a Prayer" 100 times better than Jordin, and easily advances. I could like this guy! He describes himself as vocally "versatile" and "personable."

Last shown is Leo Marlowe, 23, IA (35790) who tells us his mom always says, "I raised the perfect homecoming queen, it just wasn't one of my daughters." Interesting intro; the judges laugh. He sings "A Song for You" and is much better than the set-up led me to expect.

That was 9 of the 19 total we're told advanced to Hollywood. I counted 9 more in the end montage so there's one who didn't get shown at. all. (Unless it was the dude yelling "Goodbye" at the very end, but I doubt it.) Also out of these 18 we were shown, there were 3 blacks and maybe 1 more minority, but by far the majority are Caucasian. This is Omaha, but still, seems a bit lopsided.

Oh well - next up, Miami!!

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