Tuesday, January 1

Season 7 Spoilers

Hey there everyone! Only 14 more days, so in the meantime if you're as anxious for new Idol contestants as I am, check out some spoilers! (Stop reading now if you don't want to know!)

As "Hollywood Week" has already taken place, there are names floating around of the supposed Top 50. With photos and music samples for several. Here's the latest from mj's blog! (She also has weekly Billboard #'s, Idol Headlines, and Appearances for Idol alums if you're interested.)

There will be some familiar faces (those who've tried out before, and a gal named Syesha who was on the too short-lived "The One") as well as relatives of past Idols, like Fantasia's brother. Supposedly the contestants are allowed to play instruments this year - yay! But rumor also has it that the beloved group numbers are no longer - that was always my very favorite part of Hollywood Week, so I'm majorly bummed there! Who could forget (or top?) last year's Quartet of Awesomeness (Blake, Chris S, Rudy Cardenas [*sniff*], and Tom Lowe doing "How Deep Is Your Love")? It's always fun to see how several of the finalists seem to hook up for these groups.

Also Fox has preview photos up from each audition city. Look closely & see if you can spot a former Idol finalist! ;-)

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