Tuesday, January 1

Current Media from Past Idols

A few recent things from the Idol world I've been enjoying, holiday and other...

George and Mandisa sing Christmas music (thanks mj for the videos!!).

Elliott's 8-track CD "Sounds of the Season." Includes a great version of "This Christmas" which I adore (and which Ruben did waaaaaay too slowly, but then that's Ruben for ya). I can't find clips on Amazon, etc., but I got mine for $6.99 at Target.

Constantine's independently produced album. Soooooo good!! And a good mix style-wise. My favorite (as it really highlights his vocals) is So Long.

And a final congrats to Chris Daughtry for having the #1 selling album of 2007! So much for needing to win to succeed...

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Tall Pants said...

Hey, great to hear from you. We're really enjoying things right now, and I only have two semesters left now! My address is agates at northpark dot edu.

It was our first time seeing OtR, and it was incredible. Marcie hadn't really heard them, and she fell in love with them, so we've been listening to them a lot lately. I hope you had a good Advent/Christmas season. Blessings in the new year!