Tuesday, February 23

AI9 - Top 12 Girls

Paige: "All Right Now" - meh; she looks just enough like K'Lo that the flame background reminds me of K'Lo too and I forget about Paige. Not a great song choice.

"Happy" - I don't know this Leona Lewis song so I don't know how it compares, but I'm guessing Leona at least stayed on key. ;)

Janell: "What About Love" - Well, she doesn't really have the voice to pull off Heart, and the background singers drowned her out at parts of the chorus. But I think it'll get her through.

Lilly: "Fixin' a Hole" - This is a Beatles song?! Well, she's great on it; ends up as my 3rd favorite of the night. Look forward to hearing more from her.

Katelyn: "O Darlin'" - another poor song choice. She's got a good voice but needs to do something to stand out in this singer/songwriter-type crowd.

Haeley: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" - Ouch!! Seriously; that was terrible. I wonder if there were sound issues, because so many of them were off key; though, those playing their own instruments shouldn't really have that problem. Just painful (Ellen said she "enjoyed" it?!), but she's got fans so I don't expect her to go anywhere yet.

Lacey: "Landslide" - Another ouch. She could sound great on the right song; this was definitely not it!! She was off key a bit, but just did not sound good on this. Hopefully she gets a chance to show us how much better she could be, though I honestly doubt she will.

Michelle: "Fallin'" - Well, the last 2 words were awesome! If she can do that, why didn't she do more of it during the song? Because the rest was just ok; I think the song was too ambitious.

Didi: "The Way I Am" - What universe was Simon in during this song?!? "Dreary," boring, unmemorable?! To me it was the standout of the night. Maybe partially because I'm not overly familiar w/the song, but I thought it was a perfect song choice for her voice, that it fit her style and showcased her vocals, and the execution was spot on. I will agree that the last note was off key, but otherwise I thought it was fabulous (and I love her confidence).

Siobhan: "Wicked Game" - interesting choice! She did fairly well on it, but I'm curious as to what else she can do, just because we haven't seen much of her yet. She has a lot of vocal potential but I don't think she'll do any typical 'belter' songs.

Crystal: "One Hand in My Pocket" - Another interesting choice! I still love her voice & stage presence, but I don't think it was the best choice for her & she played the harmonica too much instead of just singing.

"Feeling Good" - I love this song, and she did a good job, but I agree w/the judges that it was too staid/'old' for her. Not that she's in any danger at this point.

My faves: Didi, Crystal, and Lilly
My least favorites: Haeley, Lacey, & Paige (though I'd like to hear more from Lacey & Paige)
My guesses of who's going home: Lacey and Ashley


Eliminated: Ashley and Janell

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