Monday, February 22

Idol Season 9 - Top 24!

Here's the basics on the contestants: age, home state, & audition city. You can see photos here and this list also includes media links. The girls perform Tuesday, guys Wednesday, and it's the first week of voting!

Michael "Big Mike" Lynche (26, NY/Orlando)
Casey James (27, TX/Denver)
Aaron Kelly (16, PA/Orlando)
Lee Dewyze (23, IL/Chicago)
Todrick Hall (24, TX/Dallas)
Tyler Grady (20, PA/Boston)
Alex Lambert (19, TX/Dallas)
Joe Munoz (20, CA/LA)
Jermaine Sellers (27, IL/Atlanta)
John Park (21, IL/Chicago)
Andrew Garcia (24, CA/LA)
and Tim Urban (20, TX/Dallas)

note: Tim was brought in to replace Chris Golightly (foster kid w/curly blond hair) after Chris was disqualified due to contract issues. Neither were shown in the "Final Decision" episode.

Didi Benami (23, CA/LA)
Katelyn Epperly (19, IA/Chicago)
Janell Wheeler (24, FL/Orlando)
Lacey Brown (24, TX/Orlando)
Ashley Rodriguez (21, MA/Boston)
Crystal Bowersox (24, OH/Chicago)
Katie Stevens (17, CT/Boston)
Lilly Scott (20, CO/Denver)
Paige Miles (24, TX/Dallas?)
Siobhan Magnus (19, MA/Boston)
Michelle Delamor (22, FL/Orlando)
Haeley Vaughn (16, CO/Denver)

So who do you like?? My favorites at this point are Casey, Aaron (he's soooo cute and I love his voice!), and Crystal. I think Tim, Joe & Alex are definitely cannon fodder (little-known, less talented contestants destined to be voted off early, preserving the faves until later; except Chris was a fave & he was replaced by Tim, but still). I'd say the same about Paige except I think she's our only potential black diva, and every Top 10/12/13 needs one of those. That could be Michelle though. Haeley has dibbs on unique niche so I think she'll go far. Should be a good season!!

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