Wednesday, February 24

AI9 - Top 12 Guys

Todrick: "Since U Been Gone" - Well, at least he was creative! Song from the opp. gender and changed it up a lot; I disagree w/Randy, I thought it was very recognizable, but then I'm probably more familiar w/the song than he is. Too much melisma but decent vocals & the audience certainly loved it. Acted humble & mature so we'll see.

Aaron: "Here Comes Goodbye" - so it's the night for songs from former Idols? ;-) (For those not aware, Chris Sligh cowrote this song). A few shaky notes but overall very good; I don't think he has such a "big" voice, but it's a good one w/a great tone, and he's absolutely adorable, and doesn't have a lot of competition for the cute teen spot.

Jermaine: "Get Here" - This will always be Justin's song, and Jermaine is certainly no Justin. Jermaine actually has a really good voice, but we didn't get to hear much of it tonight because he oversang & changed up and screamed and... well, a lot besides just singing. I agree that he may have blown it w/this performance.

Tim: "Apologize" - Wonder how many day's notice he had? (He replaced Chris Golightly who was disqualified, though the show never said who he replaced.) I bet his 1st choice song didn't get approved. This has so much falsetto & his was just bad. The only things that can save him this week are sympathy & his looks. I didn't see much in him earlier in the season so he'll really have to bring it next week, if he makes it to next week, in order to make it further.

Joe: "You and I Both" - Love this song, and I like Joe a lot!! Hopefully his lack of screen time up until now won't doom him, as I think he was one of the best performances of the night (and is one of the cutest of the young batch). Good stage presence and really good voice.

: "American Woman" - It was ok for a rock song, not something to show off one's vocals. But he has fans & will be around for a while IMO.

Lee: "Chasing Cars" - Changed up a reasonable amount and I like his personality. But I go from really liking his voice to being annoyed by it, and I can't tell you what makes the difference. Not the best song for him I don't think.

John: "God Bless the Child" - My favorite of the night!! Worth the wait (as we hadn't heard him since his initial audition), and I love his sense of humor. Maybe should've done something more contemporary, but it *definitely* showed off his vocal range and ability. I disagree w/Simon, I thought he had plenty of emotion/connection.

: "This Love" - bizarre! Not bad, but not great. Not a song to highlight one's vocals. Not going anywhere though. By the way, does anyone remember a guy named Marque Lynche who made it to the semis in Season 3? Mike is his brother!!

Alex: "It's a Wonderful World" - ok, I don't know the song and have no clue who James Morrison is (I live in a town that plays "new" songs 6 months after the rest of the country...). His voice reminds of someone but I can't place it - not quite Joe Cocker, but definitely someone much older. May be in trouble.

Casey: "Heaven" - Yay! What really impressed me was that he is obviously a seasoned/professional performer; the hoopla w/Kara hardly phased him (he was almost laughing about it while singing, but still sounded fine). I know part of why I like him is he reminds me of Bucky in a multitude of ways, but I think I'd like him even if he didn't. I don't love him (yet), but definitely should (and will) be in Top 10.

Andrew: "Sugar We're Going Down" - another bizarre choice! I really liked the beginning, w/just him & his acoustic guitar on the verse. But when the band kicked in at the chorus... yeah, "strange" arrangement, and overpowered anything he could do at that point. Sounded like he flubbed a lyric as well. Regardless, has lots of fans, is great musician, and almost guaranteed Top 10 (deservedly).

My faves: John, Casey, Aaron, & Joe
My predictions to go home: Alex & Jermaine


Eliminated: Tyler and Joe :(

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