Wednesday, March 3

AI9 - Top 10 Guys

So, the guys have to perform a day earlier than expected because Crystal was taken to the hospital & the doctor said she couldn't perform today! I wish we could blame all the problems on their unexpected lack of rehearsal time, but I don't think it's that simple...

Mike: "This Is a Man's World" - I'm not very familiar with this song, but he was really into it. Good performance style and you can see some of his musical skill, I guess I'd call it, being not just familiar w/the song but very comfortable 'playing' with it (I assume he changed it up at least a bit). Judges loved it - Randy gave a S.O. & Simon said it's his best so far.

John: "Gravity" - Good, though I liked last week's better. Judges said he lacked soul & connection.

Casey: "I Don't Wanna Be" - Good to see him wail on his electric guitar; wish his vocals were as good as his playing! Ryan mentioned this song has been done at least 3 times (in the live shows), by Bo, Elliot, & Chris R. - all were better vocally than Casey. I really like him, I just want him to be a little better than he is. Judges were meh as well.

Alex: "Everybody Knows" - Don't know this one either; I think I only know one John Legend song. He played guitar and was *tons* better than last week. I'm just not sure I care for his voice. Judges also said better, and that everyone would be "rooting for" him. Which is not the same as "voting for"....

Todrick: "What's Love Got to Do with It?" - vocals just ok; very staged in his gestures, very performed. Judges didn't like the song choice & said that again he tried to do too much with it, that good songs don't need the melodies changed & he should just sing. He replied that he thought they wanted the contestants to change songs up and make them their own - good for him! He didn't say it in a cocky way, though, and sounded like he'll take their latest advice next week if he's still around.

Jermaine: "What's Goin' On?" - Ooh, his best yet - still did too much vocally, but really showed off his voice! Judges said it was better but he needed to back off even more, that he's obscuring the meaning behind the lyrics.

Andrew: "You Give Me Something" - What's with all the songs I don't know, lol? Well, it was good, though some of the phrasing seemed awkward (I don't know if he was changing it up or not). Ellen liked it but the rest said it wasn't enough.

Aaron: "My Girl" - He's just sooooo cute! lol. Reminds me of Kevin Covais but I think he's a better singer (and cuter!). He was definitely more confident and looked like he was enjoying himself. Judges mostly liked it; Simon said it was too old-fashioned.

Tim: "Get Higher" - Playing guitar and singing this style of music fits him very well! He sounded sooo much better than last week. He smartly changed some of the melody to keep it in his range (& not grasp for the horrid falsetto he displayed last week). Simon liked but the rest had complaints.

Lee: "Lips of an Angel" - This was a perfect choice for his voice and singing style!! Definitely the best performance of the night. Ellen observed that he's very passionate, was very connected to the song & in the moment (something several others lacked). Simon said he is "head & shoulders" above the rest vocally but needs more stage presence/confidence.

The best IMO: Lee, Mike
My prediction to go: John, Jermaine

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