Wednesday, March 24

AI9 - Top 11

Theme is Billboard #1 hits; guest mentor is Miley Cyrus.

"The Letter" - nice jazzy/bluesy arrangement w/horns on the stage w/him. Also had much better stage presence w/o his guitar. Simon didn't like; others loved.

Paige: "Against All Odds" - Ooh, not good; major pitch problems when she was singing softly. Judges agreed she's in trouble.

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - I love this song! And it hasn't been done for a while. He was good, used the stage well & interacted w/the crowd, danced, etc. Judges didn't like it though.

Aaron: "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" - Incredibly over-done song, but Aaron is good at choosing songs that fit him and this does. Apparently he had laryngitis this week but you couldn't tell while he was singing. Judges loved, all said it was a great choice.

Crystal: "Bobby McGee" - Of course she rocks Janis! I would've preferred more actually lyrics and less of the scatting & "yeah"s, but it was still excellent. She should keep her eyes open so the audience can connect a bit more though. Judges loved, of course; Simon said it was better than Pink's version! (Which I would love to hear!!)

"When a Man Loves a Woman" - Very good, great connection w/the audience, nice strings on the stage as well. Judges were meh though (good but safe/indulgent).

Andrew: "Heard it Through the Grapevine" - That's "grapevine", Andrew, not "great" vine!! Aside from that, it was ok, but not Top 10 material. Judges didn't like.

"Big Girls Don't Cry" - Nice younger look, and awesome performance!! Her best in a long time, great song choice. Judges loved it.

Casey: "The Power of Love" (the Huey Louis one, not the Air Supply/Celine Dion one!) - Another good choice! Played electric guitar again, you can tell he has so much more fun when he does. Connected w/the crowd well also. Judges were mixed; most liked (except Simon).

Didi: "You're No Good" - The dark thing worked for her before so she repeats it; good enough performance, but the acting of the role came across more than the vocals, and the judges agreed. Crowd liked it though!

Siobhan: "Superstition" - Bizarre but surprisingly great song choice! I think she can sing about anything. I was weirded out by the hair at first but up like that we really see how pretty her face is! She worked the stage well, entertained, and had her now signature screamy notes at the end. Crowd & judges loved it.

My prediction for bottom 3 - Andrew, Paige, and... Didi? (or maybe Lee) with either Paige or Andrew leaving - I'll go with Paige. Lots of Disney teen guest performances coming as well. ;-)

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