Wednesday, March 3

AI9 - Top 10 Girls

Well, they're not telling us what was wrong, but Crystal is back and performing - yay!

Crystal: "As Long as I Can See Light" - I don't think I know this one (it's CCR), and she said she's doing a 'gospel style' version - I love it!!!! She is totally my kind of female singer (reminds me of Joss Stone & local artist Jennie Devoe). The judges loved it as well and Simon said they have a "serious artist" on their hands.

: "The Climb" - Well, let's just say she made Miley sound like an amazing vocalist. ;-) It was tons better than last week though. But when Randy - not Simon, Randy - says it was "excruciating"... time to go home.

Lacey: "Kiss Me" - She said even before Kara suggested it she was hoping to sing this song on the show! The style fits her voice sooooo much better than "Landslide" and it was really good. Judges said she still needs to do something to stand out.

Katie: "Put Your Records On" - I thought it was very good, even better than last week. The judges still want her to do something "younger." (Heh, Ryan asked her if there were any artists around her age she was a fan of, and she didn't say no but didn't name any... funny!)

Didi: "Lean On Me" - My girl looked so crushed! I thought she did *Awesome* and would get comments similar to Crystal's, but other than Ellen the judges pretty much panned her, saying it was a poor choice, showed her vocal weaknesses (I totally disagree!), and Simon said she "screeched." I threw her some votes and I really hope she sticks around, because she's amazing!!

: "With Arms Wide Open" - interesting choice! She did well but wasn't great, which may not be enough to stick around in this group. Judges were mixed.

Lilly: "A Change Is Gonna Come" - This was very good. Randy & Ellen just adored it. One thing in her clip was interesting, she said she was so happy Randy pegged her as an 'independent artist' type last week, and was thrilled they 'got' her; one of the judges said something similar tonight. I see her style as very similar to both Crystal and Didi, though they all stand out as individuals; I just thought it was strange to categorize her as that but only her.

Katelyn: "The Scientist" - Wow! Talk about having a "moment" (which the judges said about Lilly, I think)!! She played piano and really sang her heart out on this - and her vocals sounded great!! (For the first time, IMO.) The judges said it was too slow and that she needs to settle into one style; sigh.

Paige: "Walk Away" - Great choice, and she sounded amazing!! Now I see (hear) why they put her in the Top 24 - she can easily fill the black diva spot (sorry Michelle)! They suggested she do something slower that shows off her vocals more, and Simon even called it "forgettable" - but then, he often does that to my favorite performances.

Siobhan: "Think" - This was definitely *not* forgettable!! Wow, girl can SANG! :) Really, really did well - including belting the high note toward the end. Judges & crowd loved her.

So, this is one of those years I wish the Top 10/12 didn't have to be even divided between genders - this year, I'd put more girls in!! I'd say there were 5 or 6 performances that were better than anything we heard last night, and only one truly bad one (which really wasn't horrible), whereas the guys had several.

My picks to go home: Michelle and Haeley (Though I won't be surprised if it's Katelyn, I think tonight's breakthrough may've been too late.)

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Man, you called it for both the guys and girls!