Tuesday, March 16

AI9 - Top 12

Theme: Rolling Stones' songs

Full recap coming, but I really enjoyed the show! I guess there's a lot to be said for low expectations, lol (I don't like the Stones). Standouts to me were Crystal, Siobhan, and Lacey, and I always love my girl Didi!! I predict Katie and Andrew will be in the bottom 3 but the 3rd spot is up for grabs. I think Katie will be going home; bo-ring! (Not necessarily her fault, tough genre for her I think.)


Mike: "Miss You" - Good, changed it up a bit; Simon thought corny, other judges liked.

Didi: "Play with Fire" - Different for her, mood lighting & very serious (to match the song). Love her! Judges liked.

Casey: "It's All Over Now" - Good; nice to see him really having fun (playing electric guitar). Simon complained he didn't move around the stage but all judges liked in general.

Lacey: "Ruby Tuesday" - Couple of shaky notes but good overall; good choice for her. Judges didn't like (except Simon!).

Andrew: "Gimme Shelter" - Really? Sigh, so many other people could've done this so much better!! Decent job; Ellen loved, others didn't like.

Katie: "Wild Horses" - BO-ring! The song, her delivery, anything. The judges liked it though.

Tim: "Under My Thumb" - I thought he did a good job, did it in his style w/acoustic guitar. But the judges didn't like it at all.

Siobhan: "Paint It Black" - Awesome! Easily the standout performance of the night. Very dramatic (both her look and singing), great vocal, mad screamy notes toward the end & then hauntingly soft. Audience & judges loved it.

Lee: "Beast of Burden" - Mellow, decent. Judges liked overall.

Paige: "Honkytonk Woman" - A few rough spots, but amazing job for having laryngitis! Judges said similar.

Aaron: "Angie" - Definitely the perfect choice for him. Did well & judges loved it.

Crystal: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - 2nd best of the night, just awesome. I'm ready to buy her album & go to her concert like yesterday. Judges liked.


Well I had the bottom totally wrong! Bottom 3 were Paige, Tim and Lacey, with Lacey leaving. :-( Bummer, I really think she should've stayed over Katie. But at least now Siobhan has full dibs on quirky chick.

Also The Judges' Save is back - still not sure what I think about that. Oh well. Loved seeing David Cook although I don't care for the song!

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